Perfect Punched by Nico Guaman

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    Perfect Punched by Nico Guaman
    A card punched by the magician exactly matches that of the spectator
    Two different color decks are shown and shuffled. The spectator chooses one, and takes it under the table so that the magician cannot see or know anything about what he does, the magician asked to choose any card, turn it over and then make a unique mark on it by making the holes that spectator wants with a punch, then loses the card anywhere in the deck. The spectator can even shuffle.
    The magician takes the other deck under the table, and does exactly the same thing, chooses a card, turns it over, and makes the same number of holes in it as the spectator. Then he loses it in the deck.
    The two decks are shown for the first time. The spectator spreads his deck and take out his card, it is checked that there are no more punched and face up cards.
    The magician then spreads his deck and it is discovered, as a first effect, that he has turned and punched the same card as the spectator. And not only that ... As a final climax, the holes match EXACTLY with those of the spectator card!!

    No force.
    Can be done with any deck.
    Very easy to do.