Paul Romhany & Mike Maione - Diary Presage Instructions

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    IMAGINE being able to perform at least EIGHT DIFFERENT routines from one book test! This is ideal for walk-about or the close-up environment where you can perform several different routines with one book. Ideal for walk-about and stage.

    Diary Presage is a clever approach to the classic book test using an age old principle in a unique way that makes it easy to perform and VERY deceptive with over eight different routines possible from the one book.

    The diary looks just like any date book you might purchase in a book store to keep important appointments and information. For each week there is a proverb, lucky number, a special color and plenty of notes, appointments and comments that look like they were hand written using various colored inks and pencils. There’s also plenty of space for you to personalize the diary and make it unique to you. The book comes ready for you to force two proverbs, two colors, two lucky lottery numbers and two weeks of entries that you can divine. You can add a playing card to each week so you can also do date and playing card type routine.

    The colors match Benjamin Moore paint colors and the lottery numbers are formatted like the most popular lottery configurations worldwide.


    1) Diary is hard cover and filled inside to look hand-written with color inks and pencils – also room to add your own touches…

    2) Carry this with you all the time so you can perform miracles anywhere – designed for walk-around and stage…

    3) At least EIGHT different routines and predictions…

    4) BONUS Diary routine by Richard Webster.

    5) Each book is hand-crafted to make this easy to work.

    6) The audience can see each page DOES have a different color, words, proverbs, etc.


    1) LOTTERY PREDICTION – prior to routine you place an envelope on a table or in their hand. Show audience every week has different lucky numbers. Audience gives you a special date and you go to that in the diary. There is a lucky number for that week. Open the envelope and inside is a lottery ticket with THOSE numbers printed on them.

    2) COLOR READING – Ask a person for a special date. Give them a reading about that particular day and tell them their special color – then find it in the diary and the color matches exactly. Each and every other week has a different color. You could also have a prediction written on the back of your business card that matches their color.

    3) PROVERB PREDICTION – Show the diary and all the different proverbs. Read a few, then open flip the book to where a spectator says stop, read the proverb, then open the envelope that was in full view containing your prediction and written inside is the proverb they selected.

    4) NAME ANY WORD – The diary has been designed to reveal thought of words. By using a very easy progressive anagram tell the spectator exactly what day he picked and the word he is thinking of. You can also demonstrate your ability to recall what event you noted on ‘any’ day in your diary.

    5) FORCE ANOTHER PAGE NUMBER BOOK TEST – Use this diary in conjunction with a regular book to do a thought of word book test routine. Direct the spectator to a page in a second book, a specific line and a word, then perceive the word.

    6) ACAAN – A playing card is placed face down. Explain there are 52 weeks in a year, and 52 playing cards. Each week in the diary has a DIFFERENT playing card, none are repeated. Ask for any number of the week from 1 to 52. Open to that week and the card for that week matches the one on the table. Remember each week can be shown to be a completely different card.

    7) CHINESE FORTUNE COOKIE – use this diary for a great parlor/stage routine. Bowl of fortune cookies are shown and a few are handed out and read aloud. A spectator reaches in and chooses one cookie which they hold on to. One spectator chooses a date and the diary opened to that date showing a lucky number, another chooses another date and a proverb is read out. The last person chooses another date and a lucky color is shown. The fortune cookie is opened and written inside are the matching lucky color, numbers and proverb.

    8) THE BIRTHDAY CARD TRICK By Richard Webster – Someone selects a playing card, and then finds the name of the card she chose written beside her birthday. Richard provides a logical reason why this particular card happened to be her “birthday card” and is able to perform this without a deck of cards!

    Each diary is personally hand-crafted so you can use it right away. Special techniques have been used in making this to look as though each one is hand written and nothing out of the ordinary. Dairy Presage does the work, so you can concentrate on entertaining.



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