Paul Prater The Secret Key

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    A box was passed down from generations, a link to the past. The box is age worn on the outside with hints of gold letters from a hotel. The box is opened and inside is a key and a room number. What does the room number mean?
    There was a cloth that is aged and stained and there were numbers on it, seemingly random. Then, you learn that this was used by a fortune teller. It tells the story of the past, of a distant location and time and was used to make many a client choose how to proceed.
    Have you always wanted to perform the Haunted Key effect, but wanted to do more than just the standard routine? Have you been unable to find a key with the proper look and balance? Have you been unable to find the right type of script? Paul Prater can provide a solution to all of the above problems with his new Haunted Key set. You will get:  
          * A key that is properly balanced and hand aged;       
          * A hand made, stained, aged and waxed box that isn’t just a container, but a part of the routine;
          * A hand printed and aged canvas cloth. This cloth is block printed by hand with a circle for pendulum divination and a magic square that can be used for number forces.     
           * Full color, PDF of the instructions. The instructions contain a script and background story, detailed information on the working of the effects, suggestions for other uses and storylines and a concise history and information sources on the Haunted Key effect.