Paul Brook Foundation ( Audio Course )

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    Paul Brook Foundation ( Audio Course )



    When you enrol you will be taking part in a 6 month learning program.You will get all of the audio lessons and we recommend that you listen to one every two weeks. Each audio lesson  will last a minimum of 30 minutes.

    Paul will steadily guide you through four main areas in each lesson:

    1 – Personal Development

    In this section you will learn how to get over the anxiety of approaching people. You will also learn how to increase the connection you have with strangers, which will make for a powerful performance.


    2 – Effect Development

    Stop learning a new effect every week. There are so many to choose from out there and you probably don’t need another one. Instead, Paul will help you to select one effect, and slowly over the 6 months of audio lessons you will refine that effect, making it stronger and more powerful. You will learn how to get the most out of an effect, with some of Paul’s top strategies and secrets.


    3 – Performance Development

    You’ve taken charge of your personal development, as well as mastering an effect, but to turn these two things into mind reading you need the ability to perform. Paul will ask you to think about many levels of your performing persona, even if that persona is just an extension of yourself. Paul’s top tips will make you go from ‘that guy down the pub’ to a person who creates a really powerful mind reading moment.


    4 – Homework

    Yes…homework! After each lesson Paul will set some personal homework. In most cases this is something practical to do. This isn’t the type of homework that you have to send in to him. In fact, if you really wanted to, you could ignore the homework section. However, the homework that is set for you, is the same homework that is set for people who come to have private tuition with Paul. It’s Paul’s experience that those who follow the homework will, over the 6 month course, notice a dramatic change in their confidence and abilities as a mind reader.


    That is the basic structure for each lesson. All of these elements are part of the syllabus, however, the areas that Paul actually covers are too numerous to list. Those who join the class will get the same information that Paul shares with those who are lucky enough to have private tuition with him.

    The format is simple, after you have signed up for the class you will be sent a data disc containing all of the MP3 Lessons and then every two weeks you listen to the next Audio Lesson.

    Paul will also give email support to all of the pupils on the course. All students can ask Paul questions and advice based on the wide range of material covered on the course.

    “Great, so what will the 6 Months of World Class

    Mind Reading Lessons cost me?”

    Well you might be surprised to know that the total cost of this course is only £159.

    That is just £13 per lesson.

    You just can’t get this quality of professional mind reading information at such a low price anywhere else.

    This is material is not common knowledge in the mind reading community and you will be privy to secrets that will enable you to get the edge.


    Paul Brook Foundation ( Audio Course )

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