Page Wright's Notebook by William Larsen SrT. Page Wright

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    Page Wright's Notebook by William Larsen SrT. Page Wright

    A wealth of information, ideas and insights, clever subtleties, advanced moves and techniques, tricks, and even routines from one of magic's most creative thinkers, T. Page Wright. Over 100 items in all! William Larsen published this manuscript in 1933 from his best friend's personal notes and other memoranda left behind after his tragic death in an auto accident. Although it deals primarily with cards, there is also magic with coins, silks, thimbles, pellets, and more. A must-have reference work. 38 pages, completely re-typeset.

    Here are just a few sample entries from Page Wright's Notebook...

    Deck in left. Turn over hand and apparently shove top card into view so face can be seen. Actually second finger shoves second card to visibility while thumb holds back top one. Deck turned face down, and in action second draws back card noted while thumb pushes forward top card, so audience thinks that card seen, and thumb deals it face down on table. A one hand top change.

    Complete deck vanish. Hold cards in left hand...take one with right and back palm it. Make half turn so right side faces audience, replacing card on deck in so doing. Right hand still extended...apparent purpose to show other side of right hand to prove it empty. Slowly shown from every angle, during which misdirection deck dropped into left pocket by left hand, which is away from audience. Now face front again, bring hands together without showing cards are already gone, and “vanish”.

    Card revelation. Card on bottom of pack or packet. Start dealing out cards face up. When half dealt shift remainder in left so they are held from above, by ends. Pick up face up cards in right, saying, “You are sure your card is not among these?” Steal card from bottom of left portion with right fingers to beneath face up right packet. Lay right packet on table again, continue dealing (in another heap) left hand cards face up. Card appears to have vanished from deck. Put two packets together (both are face up) first dealt one on the other, and chosen card will appear reversed in center of pack when it is fanned.


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