Pablo Amira - Scripting for Mystery Performers

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    What a great video, this video is something every mystery performer should watch, and every performer in general should study deeply, great job really
    Simone Ravenda
    Another great video by Pablo Amirá. 
    A fantastic exploration of the real potential of scripting to achieve deeper and more meaningful performances and to offer more impactful experiences to our audience. He also shares his personal method of scripting, a simple and very effective way to start writing your scripts without using any complicated structure. These, together with his "Authentic Performance" video-course are in my opinion essential for any mystery performer or magician to take the study of magic and the performances to a higher level.
    Daniel Ka
    A script is not just words that you will say.... but MUCH more
    Welcome to "Scripting for Mystery Performers" , a videocourse that will bring new value and potentials to your performance experience. 
    50 minutes of ideas, reflections and experience that can inspire your practices in your Magic and Mentalism.
    If you dont use scripts, this videocourse is for you!
    If you use scripts, this videocourse will bring new strategies and ways to continue your learning!
    In "Scripting for Mystery Performers" you will learn:


    -What is scripting?
    -My personal method of scripting 
    -The benefits of writing your scripts
    - Simple strategies to elevate your performance to new levels of potential
    -Going beyond words
    -And much more!
    Dont worry, this is not "hard work". These are techniques and new insights that you can integrate into your habits as student of the mystic arts that open a fascinating complexity with deeper possibilities and explorations.
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