Pablo Amira - Motivational Mentalism Virtual Act

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    People like entertainment but they LOVE motivation
    In this new booklet you will learn a full Virtual Act that can perform for your friends and family in casual meetings or sell as professional to your clients.

    I designed this act for my private events and clients during 2020 and now I am ready to share with the community, sharing my techniques and secrets in how connecting with people in deeper ways.

    Transform your 2021 in the year in which you become a "Motivational Mentalist".

    A 20 minutes act that is fast paced, deep in meaning and dynamic so your audience feel the entertainment of the experience and the symbolic aspects in unconscious ways.


    1. Post it Bank Night: A fun, casual and beautiful piece to connect with your audience. 5 colored post-it pieces are shown at your fingertips. Each participant selects one, receiving a caring a beautiful motivational idea.
    Finally, the final piece of paper is read, containing a beautiful surprise that warranties a powerful initial connection.

    2. Zoom Book Test: A powerful book test that is simple and visual using any book and any word, ending with a telepathic experience that your participant will never forget.

    3. Smile Deck: A DIY gimmicked deck that express the power of a simple smile as a powerful way to change your mind. Your audience decides for any card. Then you show that this card is the ONLY one with a big drawn smile.

    No R&S
    No double cards
    Easy construction

    4. Logos: As a closer of the act, you will predict (in PRINTED format) a powerful word named by an intuitive participant in a beautiful and memorable way.

    No secret writing
    No gimmicks
    No preshow

    In the "Motivational Mentalism Virtual Act" booklet you will learn the full act in detail and all the experience that you need in order to perform this act and exploring the potential of your own creativity while performing.
    The book looks like this, as you can see it is done in this way so you can actually use this same book as the one for the "Zoom Book Test" 

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