Outdone! by David Hira

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    Packs small, plays BIG! The Foxy Wrist Tie - Outdone! is a theatrical masterpiece that nearly anyone can perform. More than just "an escape", this one brings your show to a new level and leaves your audience wondering... Indeed, this one is a mystery!
    Two strong men are brought on stage and tie you with ALL of their strength with REAL knots. Without a single "flinch", you seemingly make the rope completely vanish leaving your hands free of their bonds to the GASPS of disbelief from your audience. 
    More than just a props and a method, you get David's entire polished theatrical routine! Perform this in your personality or perform this AS HARRY HOUDINI, as a special tribute in your show. The choice is yours!
    Does the rope dissolve through your body? Do your wrists turn into smoke allowing the rope to pass? Where is the rope? Did it vanish completely? It is a MYSTERY indeed...