One In The Hand By Paul Brook

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    One In The Hand By Paul Brook

    Your participant is stood in front of you. Between the both of you is your clenched fist.

    The participant is asked to name a coin that she finds interesting to her, and to also name which side of the coin should have a cross on.

    She decides that she wants the 50p with the cross on the tails side.

    The same fist that has been clenched in between the two of you and in full view the entire time is slowly opened. On your hand is a heads up 50p. The participant turns the coin over in your hand to discover a large cross on the tails side.

    This coin is taken by the participant and can be kept as a keepsake!

    In this E-Book you will learn everything that you will need in order to perform this effect. The E-Book covers the currency for GBP, USD and the Euro. However, it contains all of the information to enable you to perform this effect in ANY CURRENCY!

    A very strong piece of mentalism that you can carry EVERYWHERE!
    What You Get:

    E-Book – A 46 page E-Book containing the secret to the effect, scripted routine, along with tried and tested subtleties.

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