Okito & Robert Parrish - Okito on Magic : Reminiscences and Selected Tricks

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    Okito & Robert Parrish - Okito on Magic : Reminiscences and Selected Tricks 


    A fascinating glimpse into Okito's (Theo Bamberg) life and creations. The Bamberg dynasty had magicians spanning seven generations. Okito was a prolific inventor, builder of tricks, and exceptional performer. Learn the details of many of his most cherished secrets.

    From the introduction by Dorny:

    As the inventor of more magical effects than anyone else in the past half-century, he is constantly planning and building new tricks and illusions. In the construction of his miracles, he is a perfectionist. His finished work is always a masterpiece. Nothing is left to chance. With Theo, it must work.

    • Preface To Revised Edition
    • An Open Letter From Victor Farelli
    • Introduction
    • Foreword
      • I. The Elements Of Magic
      • II. The Progress Of Magic
      • III. Classical Conjurers
      • IV. Romantic Magicians
      • V. History Of The Floating Ball
      • I. Sleights And Techniques
        • Okito Sleeving Technique
        • Technique For The Barehanded Production Of A Silk
        • Notes On The Cups And Balls
        • Slydini Transcended
        • A Third Arm
        • "Vanishing" Cloths
        • A Hat Loading Device
        • A Deceptive Change Of A Card
        • Sleights With Cigars
        • Classical Technique For The Production Of Bowls
        • Bowls Of Cigarettes, Cigars, And Candy
        • The Rabbit From The Spectator's Coat
      • II. Small Magic
        • The Han Ping Chien Coin Trick
        • Three Malini Tricks
        • The Okito Coin Box
        • A Penetrative Coin
        • The Hindoo Talisman
        • The Knotted String
        • More On The Sixth Finger
        • The Silk Elixirs
      • III. Medium-Sized Magic
        • L'homme Masqué Rising Cards
        • Transposition Extraordinary
        • Okito's Card Mystery
        • The Bill And The Lemon
        • The New Envelope Mystery
        • The New Bewitched Blocks
        • The Sympathetic Colors
        • Okito's Handkerchief Tray
        • The Japanese Glass Shades
        • The Nested Tubes
        • An Egg And A Canary
        • The Enchanted Rice
        • The Mysterious Casket
        • The Triangular Mystery
        • The Tea Canister Mystery
        • Linkage
      • IV. Large Magic
        • A Note On The Mechanical Tricks
        • The Chimerical Foulards
        • Foulard And Candle
        • The Siamese Cylinders
        • Multum In Parvo
        • Birth Of The Lotus Flowers
        • Scare Mask And Dove
        • A Break-Away Casket
        • The Ubiquitous Duck
        • Where Do The Ducks Come From?
        • Bowl And Ducks
        • The Inexhaustible Bowl
        • Expanding Bowl
        • The Disappearing Bowl Of Water
        • The Production Of Eight Glasses Of Liquid
      • V. Magic With Living People
        • From Shadow To Life
        • Ming Toy
        • Hi-Strung
        • The Mandarin's Dream
      • Impossible Lit Cigarette Vanish
      • The Caliph's Dream
      • Okito's Ringer
      • The Impossible Escape
      • Thru The Needle's Eye
      • Oho!
      • Oho Extra!

    1st edition 1952, revised 1973, 241 pages; PDF 185 pages.
    word count: 70931 which is equivalent to 283 standard pages of text


    Okito & Robert Parrish Okito on Magic  Reminiscences and Selected Tricks

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