Of Dice and Men (Online Instructions) by Tom Stone

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    Of Dice and Men (Online Instructions) by Tom Stone

    props not included

    Of Dice and Men is Tom Stone's famous "Hug/Kill" trick.

    You bring a participant up on stage and explain that you are going to let the roll of a die decide how you greet her. She shakes a die in a cup and calls out the number. "Three!" You remove the card with the number three from the stand and it says "Hug". You hug the spectator, accidentally revealing that all of the other cards say "Kill".

    This could be one of the most memorable stage openers there is. It packs small and plays big, which is why it has become a staple routine for so many professional magicians around the world. For the first time, it is now available to buy, with everything made to Tom's exacting standards.

        Easy to do
        Packs small

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