No Holes Barred By Xeon Steel

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    No Holes Barred By Xeon Steel
    Close Up, Cards, Cards, Prediction, Impromptu, Signed Card, Impromptu Signed Card, Mind Blown, Card Magic, Stage Magic, Parlor Magic

    "NO HOLES BARRED" by Xeon Steel

    DESCRIPTION: The ultimate & 'hole'y grail of card predictions! Xeon has done it again! This is a 6 plot effect all rolled into 1, will leave your audience seriously mindf---ed!

    THE EFFECT: Audience members randomly picks 5 to 6 cards. Spectator themselves punches 6 holes in all the cards. The spectator chooses 1 of the cards, then you show your prediction is the exact same prediction... The outcome? Same card prediction, different color back, the holes perfectly match and line up! Deck turns blank and also 2 variations of spectator's signed card (1 impromptu)! Xeon did not miss anything with "No Holes Barred!"

    * "Xeon has taken something from subtle moment to sledge hammer magic! Its the subtle nature of identifying a card without them knowing they are identifying it, that brings this effect to a powerful memorable moment. And thats what all magicians create a memory of magic in the audience!"
    - Jason Latimer (Magician / Illusionist)
    - The Grand Prix World Champion of Magic
    - Curator of Impossible Science
    - SyFy's Wizard Wars Judge

    * "It is difficult to pack so many moments of astonishment into a single effect, but add 6 kickers? and you have a wonderfully joyous thing to watch (Derek Dingle would be proud)"
    - Justin Miller (Magician/Magic Consultant)

    * "This is crazy. I like how straightforward and bold the delivery and final reveal is. It makes it feel that much more impossible. Bizarre, I love it!"
    - Chris Brown (Orbit Brown)
    - Founder of The OrbitDeck
    - World-renowned Cardistry Extraordinaire

    * "Such a great effect for so many reasons. How big are the odds that something like this could happen? It couldn't been more visual!"
    - Daniel Schneider (Magician/Card Extraordinaire)
    - Lead Graphic Designer for The Orbit Deck
    - Creator of "The Black Roses Playing Cards"

    Total of 3 variations!
    1) Blank Deck
    2) Behind the Back
    3) Bonus ULTIMATE Variation (Spectator's Signed Card/Impromptu)

    ***Sought out to be one of the best card prediction effects of 2018!***
    ***Additional Supplies May Need To Be Purchased To Perform This Effect***

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