Nirvana by Joe Deng

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    Nirvana by Joe Deng
    instructions download only

    Nirvana by Joe Deng is the stunning new release from Orange Tree Magic.

    Imagine this…

    First, you display an ordinary card box from ALL angles and open it up—so your audience can SEE the full deck inside. You even pull a card up out of the box!

    Finally, you return the card to the deck and close up the box.

    What comes next looks nothing short of impossible…

    The card box is completely SEALED! The entire box is covered in unbroken plastic wrapping. You can invite your audience to inspect or even OPEN the box—the possibilities are endless!

    This easy trick is an astonishing opener, and the perfect way to introduce a deck of cards. Nirvana looks like master sleight-of-hand, but in reality—the gimmick does all the work!

    "Smart design, clever principles and direct handlings make Nirvana a great piece of magic for the hobbiest and pro. Play with this fun new toy for a few minutes and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Five star rating!" - Lee Asher

    You can do a multitude of other illusions with Nirvana by Joe Deng... vanishes, appearances, changes, and it is only limited by your imagination!  Hurry and get yours now... supplies are limited!

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