NEO by SaysevenT

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    NEO by SaysevenT

     NEW SOLUTION for control a card with SANDWICH.

    Most magicians love sandwich.

    this is part of my favorite routine and I'm happy to share it with you.

    various variations can be learned, but what makes NEO SANDWICH different is "NEW SOLUTION for control a card".
    the sandwich certainly does not escape by "controlling" the choice of card viewers desired.
    2 way option : TOP or BOTTOM.

    Q : how to control a card to TOP ?
    A : many way to do that. you can do DOUBLE LIFT or SWITCH !!?

    in generally,magician do that.
    but did you know ? the naturally how to control a card selection to the top namely by "card control"

    Q : where i learn the naturally card control ?
    A : you can learn here !? don't get anywhere !? I recomended you to learn NEO SANDWICH !!

    - this is not use DOUBLE card.
    - this is not use SWITCH.
    - this is 100% IMPROMPTU.
    - this is 100% SLEIGHT OF HAND
    - this tutorial make you EASY to understand.

    this is your time to be a GREAT magician.
    this is NEW SOLUTION.

    Download the video and learn right now !

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