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    New Ideas by Nate Kranzo
    This off-beat collection of incredible close-up & killer stand-up magic contains 55 pages and 24 baffling routines.

    This new book is a collection of some of my favorite magic I've ever created. It's a collection of mainly close-up effects with a sprinkling of standup parlor as well

    It's a quite offbeat collection of magic with pencils, grapes, finger rings, dollar bills, flowers, cell phones, soda cans, chewing gum and so much more!

    If you know me you know I love coin magic so there's a section that contains some really fun and offbeat magic that I know you'll love. And of course there are a couple of card tricks for the card guys in the crowd.

    There are 24 effects taught in total and only two card tricks! Lots of fun magic using every day objects and unique plots. There are several clear beautiful illustrations to help you learn the magic along the way.

    I've included some photos and illustrations from the book so you guys can have a little preview of what you'll get!!!


    **** Special note! Many of these effects have been filmed by Nathan and you will be given a direct video link to watch some of these amazing effects!!!



    With a sharpie you draw the image of a string tied around your finger so you "don't forget". You immediately turn the drawing in to reality as you untie the string. You pull on the image of the string and it visually becomes a real string ... you can hand it out for examination.


    The Triple Ring Thing

    An examinable finger ring visually splits into three rings and then magically melts back into one just as quickly


    Button Candy

    Visual EYE candy at its best. A large button visually transforms into a half dollar then into a piece of candy on your open palm.


    Reese's Spirit Eating

    You're spectator freely selects a peanut butter cup. And you proceed to eat it with your mind.


    360° Transpo

    One card is placed in your mouth and the other is held in your hand. You turn around 360° and the cards visually change places.


    Starfish Chronicles

    Three NEW Effects are taught featuring an under-explored concept in magic that you will absolutely love.



    A stick of chewing gum torn into three pieces magically turns into three whole new pieces while one of them is in the spectators pocket!



    A dollar bill or napkin is torn into three pieces and each piece magically transforms into a whole new piece.



    A dollar bill is torn into three pieces and tossed into a coffee mug. A match is lit and dropped into the mug. And a flash of fire the three pieces magically transform into three whole new bills.


    Inflation Inferno

    You pull a dollar bill out of your wallet. Light a match and touch it to the bill, and in a flash of fire the bill magically transforms into $100 bill!


    Ring of Fire

    A dollar bill visually transposes with a borrowed finger ring in the most magical way possible.


    Broken Traveler

    A very unique concept is introduced here. A dollar bill is signed with a pencil and then torn and a half. In an attempt to restore the bill the "state" of the bill is transferred to the pencil. Were the bill magically restores itself and the pencil the spectator used to sign their name ends up breaking in half!!! You'll learn two versions of this effect!!!


    Change is good

    This is Kranzo's take on the famous Dr. Sawa plot. In his version a corner is torn off a dollar bill and tossed into the air. It visually transforms into a solid .25 cent quarter in mid air. As the quarter is caught in the other hand the remaining bill visually splits into 3 more you perfect change for a dollar! This is one you'll have to see to believe!!!


    Whiskey Wild Coin

    Coin magic and whiskey. Say no more.


    Wild Fire Variants

    A very visual routine where a coin changes from Copper to Silver to Gold.


    Siamese Wild Coin

    If you've ever wanted to perform a "WildCoin" routine but were intimidated. This is the one for you. It's nearly self working. And you get three very magical and visual moments.


    Wild Ring

    Three Coins magically turn into finger rings one at a time!


    Himber's Haberdashery

    A stand up/stage routine were three volunteers have coins literally melt from their own hands!


    Glass Grape

    This is a short chop cup style routine with a grape and a shot glass. It has an ending that your spectators will remember for the rest of their life!


    Psychokinetic Stoner

    A very funny stand-up comedy routine using "smoke". Based on an old Paul Harris idea where you make the air in your lungs change places with the air in the lungs from a spectator. Funny and topical.


    Soda You Bitch

    Having drinks with friends you visually split your drink into three drinks and now you are the life of the party!


    iPhone Underwear

    As you're about to take a selfie with your iPhone it visually turns into your underwear! Unzipping your pants you pull your phone out with an embarrassing look. Great stand-up comedy magic!


    Flower Power

    With a little help from a disguised piece of flash paper a flower visually reveals a selected card in a magical flash of fire.



    Imagine having your spectator drop their cell phone into a large vase full of water where it instantly vanishes. Yup.....this is a great one.

    **** Special note! Many of these effects have been filmed by Nathan and you will be given a direct video link to watch these amazing effects!!!

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