My Cube Selection by Zazza The Magician

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    My Cube Selection by Zazza The Magician
    Magic with the Rubik's Cube has always been considered a taboo, where if you don't know how to solve the Cube in a classic way you can't perform effects with it.

    NOTHING MORE FALSE, knowing how to make the Cube can help you, but it is not essential!

    With this download, Zazza explains some of his techniques and secrets that he has always used in his shows, new SIMPLIFIED methods to perform authentic miracles.

    Close up effects like its instant SBAM resolution or the resolution of the Rubik's Cube by throwing it in the Air without Cover!

    Some great stage effects like 2 different methods (one with Gimmick one without) to match 2 Rubik's cubes REALLY mixed by the audience!

    In addition to a Gimmick that can be built in 1 minute to make real miracles both in Close up and on stage.

    In a few hours you can perform Killer effects with the Rubik's Cube.

    All this you will find in "MY SELECTION CUBE"