Mirror Melt Thru Illusion By Steve Kovarez

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    Mirror Melt Thru Illusion By Steve Kovarez

    On stage is seen a large 3ft square mirror within its own frame and standing upon its own trestle legs on top of a wheeled base.

    The magician taps the mirror and spins it showing the rear..It is a normal mirror. He now invites a member of the audience to come up on stage and inspect it on behalf of the audience. There are no trapdoors and secret panels to be found..It really is just a normal mirror. They also inspect two black Lycra panels which will also be used in the illusion. The audience member is thanked and re-seated.

    The magician explains that in just a moment he will walk right through the centre of the mirror. To illustrate the target area he places a black lycra target in the centre of the mirror where he will pass through. The rest of the mirror is clearly seen on either side of the black target. The magician now spins the mirror and shows the rear and places another target on the back of the mirror which is solid wood. The magician explains that not only is going to have to melt through the mirror but also the wood backing. The mirror is now returned to the front position.

    Two roller blind are now swung out from the locations on top of the frame and lowered on either side to protect the magician’s secrets from the side (if working in cabaret conditions – not needed for theatre).

    The magician now stands behind the mirror.....suddenly his hand is seen pressing into the front lycra target panel....the audience can still clearly see the mirror either side of the panel. The magician thrusts his head and body through the entire mirror...IMPOSSIBLE....after emerging from the mirror completely he shows the mirror through the lycra split in the target.....The mirror is now spun round to show a solid back after the target has been removed. The mirror is again spun to the front and the front target is removed to once again show the solid mirror with no holes or joins.

    These easy step by step plans by Steve Kovarez are the ultimate shortcut for

    teaching magicians how to build their own props & illusions

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