Minify REDKev G & Lord Harri - Minify RED

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    Minify REDKev G & Lord Harri - Minify RED

    Introducing Minify, an amazing card effect that will leave your audience surprised and stunned! With the innovative gimmick, you can perform this incredible trick with ease, while your audience is left guessing how you did it.

    Minify allows you to have a card selected from a shuffled deck, remembered, and shuffled back in. You can then make a single card visually pop out of the deck with a flick through the deck. The final kicker reveal is that it's actually the selected card, but it's been minified, adding an extra layer of mystery and excitement to your performance.

    The special Minify gimmick hides in plain sight and is ready to utilize whenever you're ready, so you can easily sandwich it between other card effects. It also does all the hard work, allowing you to focus on your presentation, which ultimately makes this trick practical, easy to do, and a real worker. With a 5-second reset, you can perform the trick again and again without missing a beat.

    But that's not all! The Minify gimmick also enables you to easily force or cut to a card, giving you even more flexibility in your performance. Perfect for both beginners and experienced magicians, Minify is sure to become a staple in your repertoire.

    Add the minify gimmick to your standard bicycle deck and start performing straight away:

    • Practical, easy to do, a real worker!
    • Special gimmick does the hard work so you can focus on your presentation
    • Gimmick hides in plain sight and ready for whenever you wish to perform the effect
    • Deck can be shuffled before, during and after the routine
    • Enables you to easily force or cut to a card
    • 5 second reset
    • In-depth instructional video from Kev G & Lord Harri, teaching you how to use Minify, Live performances, and tips and tricks
    • 2-minute tutorial also included if you want to dive in straight away


      Minify REDKev G & Lord Harri - Minify RED

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