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    Mind Munitions – Mark Strivings Book Download
    Product Description

    Mark Strivings premium content that helped launch him name as an authority in the art of Mentalism.  Long unavialable is finally available again in one volume! Included with all of this are separate and updated introductions for each individual title as well as updated handlings and ideas. This weighs in at over 200 pages, over 50 effects, all killer no filler.

    “No one can dispute the impact Mark Strivings has made in Mentalism.  Mark clearly understands not only the psychological importance needed to make lasting impressions – but more important how to create them!”  – Neal Scryer

    Between 1997 and 2003, among many other projects that saw the light of day from Mark Strivngs, I wrote a series of four books, each dealing with mentalism in general and containing a wide range of material and styles. I have good news and I have bad news. The bad news first. Those titles are now officially out of print and unavailable individually.  The good news is that I have combined all four of these tomes into one hefty work. There are over 50 effects in over 200 pages, and it runs the gamut from close up to stage, children’s mentalism to seance work. There’s work on classic plots, material that breaks new ground and a host of stuff that that is just plain fun and commercial.

    In case you were wondering, the four titles in question are:

        To Pay The Price
        Constructive Mentalism
        Mental Mix

    To Pay The Price: is one of the most unique titles in the entire literature of mentalism, dealing entirely with playing cards. There are only three plots, but literally dozens of effects and approaches to these three plots. All are brain crushers, completely commercial and easily some of the strongest mentalism with playing cards ever created. Guest contributors include Bob Cassidy, Docc Hilford and Kenton Knepper among others. Included in these pages are the origins for my classic effects ‘Open & Shut’ and ‘Challenge Name-A-Card’. It’s an incredible collection.

    Constructive Mentalism: is a melange of mentalism that ranges from close up to stage and contains a couple of Strivings classics (‘Confabulous Vacation‘ and ‘The Human Cigar‘) along with other mysteries, and even a brief section of seance related material. Amazing stuff!

    Mental Mix: is exactly what the name might imply, it’s a mixture of mentalism ranging from close up to stage including the all time classic ‘Synchronicity’ (my locked-chest effect). Hidden in there are two particular favorites of mine that are both killer, ‘The Top-Ten Booktest’ and ‘A Work Of Art’. Either one of these alone is worth the cost of the entire collection!

    Pseudo-Psi: contains a wide mix of stuff ranging from the strolling mentalist, to mentalism for kids to close up and the stage. Easily one of the strongest pieces of mentalism ever created with playing is there, ‘Psychic Influence’, and gambling-themed killer that is so easy to do it’s almost criminal.

    Taken all together this is an amazing collection of material for just about any taste in the world of mentalism.

    This new/old edition contains literally everything from those four classic books all combined into one dynamite volume that is loaded with killer stuff. And I have more good news! If you could find these titles today they would cost you at least $100.00 to purchase separately, But now that I have combined all of them between two covers. They are going to save you some $$! More on that momentarily. Included with all of this are separate and updated introductions for each individual title as well as updated handlings and ideas. So here’s the poop. This weighs in at over 200 pages, over 50 effects, all killer no filler. I’m expecting these to arrive by early next week, so it will be a few days before I can ship. That said, you can reserve your copy right now for the bargain price of…

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