Mike Caveney - Wonders

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    Mike Caveney - Wonders


    For the past five years I have been working on a set of books that document basically everything I have performed during my career. When I started I had no idea that the finished product would fill 700 pages over two volumes. As a long time collector of books and because this will be my legacy, I decided to make the finished product as nice as I possibly could. And now that they are finished I can honestly say that they are everything I had hoped for.


    I knew that I could write up the methods, theories, history and funny stories about each routine but I also knew that illustrating them would be a problem. I am no artist. That’s when my long time friend and Hollywood special effects man, Bill Taylor, came to the rescue. Bill turned my basement into a photo studio and for fourteen months we shot pictures. Many hundreds of them made it into the finished books and they are the clearest explanatory photos I have ever seen in a magic book. Because both of these books are printed in full color, each tiny detail is visible.

    Volume I is called Mike Caveney Wonders and it contains all of the routines that I have performed going back to my days as a teenage magician in the Long Beach Mystics right up to my current act that includes Magic Paper, The Bow & Arrow and Scissors, Coat, Silverware & Chicken. More than just a How-To book, I have described the creative process behind each routine. In the case of Magic Paper (the torn, restored and animated toilet paper) I have explained all five methods that I have used and why each one was discarded in favor of a new version and why I stuck with method five for nearly thirty years. The goal is to teach and encourage the readers how to create their own original routines. A peek at the table of contents reveals the variety of material.


    Foreword 11
    Introduction 15
    Preface 19
    The Long Beach Mystics 23
    Giant Thimble Production 23
    The Substitution Barrel 35
    Trade Show Act 43
    Amazing Mechanical Merlin 44
    Split Deck 49
    Crystal Card Catch 50
    Anverdi Key Chest 53
    Jumping Straw 57
    The Nailed Card 61
    The Benson Plunger 67
    Two, One, None 83
    Coin Vanish 89
    Our Own Worst Enemy 94
    Money Machine 99
    Impromptu Linking Coat Hangers 109
    Linking Coat Hangers 117
    Lubor Die 127
    Lie Detector 135
    Halloween Card Stab 141
    The Phome Book 151
    Idiot Rings 159
    The Powers of Darkness 171
    Impromptu Powers of Darkness 187
    Serious Laughter 195
    Chinese Pipes 201
    Nind Reading 209
    Ten Dollar Bill Trick 219
    Bill in Cigar 239
    3-Arm Juggling 269
    Coffee Juggling 281
    Magic Paper 297
    Bow & Arrow 345
    Scissors, Coat, Silverware & Chicken 373
    Billy’s Chicken Trick 417
    The Chicken Chronicles 423
    Mastering the Ceremonies 439


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