Michael Weber The Journal of Psience (Vol 2 Issue 1)

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    Michael Weber The Journal of Psience  (Vol 2 Issue 1)



    In this, the first issue of the second volume of The Journal of Psience, we share a time-tested and performance-proven approach to the classic Headline Prediction effect. This was developed by Michael Weber in 1996 and has been in use ever since. Thirty years of performing Prescience presented many unexpected twists and turns along the way, but none of them ever compromised the final effect for an audience, and all of them served to make the method more secure.

    A few things to think about:
    Does your performance persona possess the ability to make accurate predictions of future events?
    What types of events do your powers allow you to see?
    How do you see these events?
    Are they images, words, mental movies?
    Can you see occurrences that you might want to stop?
    How do your powers allow you to interact with the notion of changing the future?
    Can you see events from which you could personally profit?
    How far into the future can you see? Does increased temporal distance reduce your accuracy?


    If you can see into the future, is your performance truly a series of mindreading demonstrations or are you really just pretending to read minds while reporting the future outcomes you’ve already seen?

    It is our belief that the main reason Headline Predictions are used ineffectively and seen so infrequently is that few performers are willing to do the difficult work of discovering thoughtful answers for the questions above and respond-ing accordingly.

    Please remember that this material is being shared so you can perform it (as long as you do not perform it on television, cable, YouTube or any other broadcast, live streamed or recorded format.)


    Michael Weber The Journal of Psience  (Vol 2 Issue 1)

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