Michael Weber The Journal of Psience (Vol 1 Issue 3)

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    Michael Weber The Journal of Psience  (Vol 1 Issue 3)


    ”That’s where the money is…”

    This third issue of the Journal marks the half-way point for the first year of enrollment. A meeting place is under construction. It will offer those currently enrolled an opportunity to interact with each other and with the ideas and routines offered in the issues of the Journal.

    The first bonus issue is also nearing completion. It will present an alternative path to achieving a moment of theatrical mind reading that traditionally focuses on a sterile data set. This non-traditional approach focuses on the core characteristics of the subject matter at hand making the process of mindreading feel more like a deepening sense of understanding and less like a game of hang-man.

    This month’s presentations offer a look at the balance between process and outcome. Too much procedure and the entire experience will feel less like an entertainment and more like a burden-some chore. But if the steps leading up to a final revelation are too few or insignificant, they fre-quently offer little opportunity for the performer to develop his character or the relationship be-tween himself and his audience. As is most often the case, balance is the key. We want to provide an internal logic for the process, while leaving room for mystery. Work to offer moments of partici-pation from and interaction with members of the audience which are designed to strengthen the feeling of mystery. And finally, make sure the length and difficulty of the journey leads to a desti-nation which is exponentially more satisfying than the effort required to get there.

    Let the journey begin.

    Michael Weber The Journal of Psience  (Vol 1 Issue 3)


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