Michael Weber The Journal of Psience (Vol 1 Issue 1)

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    Michael Weber The Journal of Psience  (Vol 1 Issue 1)


    Welcome to PSIENCE. Over the next 12 months we hope to share ideas with you which you will be able to adopt and adapt to your own performances. As is always the case, we remind you that this material may be used in live performance situations only. No Television, Cable, DVD’s, YouTube, downloads or the like. If you find the pending desire to use some of these ideas in other than a live performance setting, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

    Our first issue offers a new mathless method to determine any day for any date and a new way to present it that makes it more of a performance and less of a stunt. In addition, you will find a profoundly simple and deceptive new method for apparently bending a marked, borrowed coin while it is held in your spectator’s hand.

    In the next few months we hope to bring you a forum to accompany the material. This will be a safe and secure place where you and other PSIENCE members can discuss and advance the material shared in this Journal.

    If you have any ideas, suggestions, questions, comments or concerns; please reach out to us via email. We appreciate your investment in this project and we would like your experience to be a beneficial one.

    Until the next issue, be mindful of the PSIENCE motto:
    Duis Congue Vestrum Fa

    Michael Weber The Journal of Psience  (Vol 1 Issue 1)


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