Michael O'Brien The Chicago Closer

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    -Phase one: A card is selected and lost into the deck. With just a wave of the hand, the entire deck changes from red to blue, all except for the spectator’s chosen card.

    -Phase two: The spectator’s chosen card is set aside and a new card is selected by another spectator. The magician waves his hand over the deck again, however this time, there is no red card in the deck. In fact the only red card is the one that was set aside, which magically changes into the second spectator’s chosen card.

    -Phase three: The magician waves his hand over the deck and this time all of the cards go blank on both the front and the back. The blank cards can then be handed out for examination!


    -“Chicago Closer” Color changing Deck Routine -“Switcheroo!” Deck Holdout and Deck Switch -Classic Color Change -“Hindu Shuffle” Subtlety -“Hindu Force” -Theory and proper performance tips for any “Color Changing Deck Routine”.

    The “Chicago Closer” is an overall incredible and fun routine. Works great in formal close-up settings, but can also be performed in strolling or table-hopping events as well! There is some great content in this video, suitable for anyone who loves blank deck routines, color changing deck routines, “Red Hot Mama” or just want to learn an awesome new deck switch! Now what are you waiting for? Lets get started!

    -Michael O’Brien

    Camera work by: David Bonfadini & Richard Ribuffo
    Performed and edited by: Michael O’Brien
    Music by: Kevin Macleod “Acid Jazz”
    Switcheroo Holdout by: Michael O’brien and Mike Armstrong

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