Michael O'Brien & Deuce Gala Magic It's Pursenal

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    Michael O'Brien & Deuce Gala Magic It's Pursenal

    Immediate reactions, instant engagement!

    Whether a quick, captivating opener or a full on fun routine, the invisible purse is no longer just an unusual prop, it's now a main feature!

    Michael O'Brien is back, but this time It's Pursenal! His sponge ball opener is the perfect ice breaker. It's intriguing, highly visual, alluring, and sets the stage for a series of entertaining mysteries.

    While others produce their invisible purse just to put it away, you'll be equipped with an arsenal of dazzling presentations designed to pique your audience's imagination - creating interest and engagement.

    With O'Brien's "purse-frame-of-mind", you'll learn how to create a through-line in your act while producing and vanishing coins, markers, handkerchiefs, cards, and more!

    And did we mention you'll also get another 5 bonus routines? Yes! Plus all of the perks below:

    5 Distinct Bonus Routines Using The Purse Frame (Download)
    - Purseception: An opening of wordless wonder.
    - Sharp That: It's called a magic marker for a reason.
    - Hanky Panky: Accidents happen. Be prepared.
    - Card 2 Purse: When the impossible becomes actually impossible.
    - Tribute To Eugene: How to fool the absolute pants off of people.

    Performance Commentary (Download)
    - This is a professional magician's play by play breakdown of the performance.
    - You'll know exactly why O'Brien did what he did so that you can avoid potential hurdles and jump over them with ease.

    Duper Practice (Download)
    - Learn faster and start performing quicker with this POV, over the shoulder, slow motion replay of how to perform the effect.

    Mirrored Playback (Download)
    - You'll no longer be trying to follow along in frustration.
    - With a reversed image version of the tutorial, my movements will mirror yours for lightning fast learning!

    Chapter Markers
    - Now you can skip to WHAT you need WHEN you need it! #NoScrubs!

    Video Captions
    - Need to be quiet? Out and about without headphones? No problem!
    - Captions are perfect for uninterrupted learning when audio isn't an option.

    Infield, Road Tested Script (Download)
    - A quick PDF guide for anytime access to O'Brien's field tested script.
    - Includes insights, subtitles, and troubleshooting tips.

    Exclusive Lifetime Access To The Deuce Gala Magic Private Facebook Group
    - Get direct assistance with questions.
    - Get access to a seasoned group of like-minded magicians.
    - Watch and participate in monthly LIVE sessions and AMAs.


    "This is the end of purse frames. It's the only one you'll ever need."
    - Chris Edwards, Chris Edwards Magic Review

    "Highly recommended!"
    - Steve Faulkner, Real Magic Review

    "You're learning Michael O'Brien's sponge ball routine but you're also getting a bonus section full of more tricks... MORE TRICKS!! I can't think of a better teacher."
    - David, Magic Orthodoxy