Michael Ammar - Magic Masters Confidential Part 2

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    Michael Ammar - Magic Masters Confidential Part 2


    * UCCU –  Michael has created the ‘Ultimate Card Utility’ you can use to instantly transport a signed playing card into a BORROWED wallet with no palming and only simple DIY preparation that uses nothing but a plastic baggy.

    * Chinese Linking Rings – Michael blew the roof off of the magic community a few years back when he joined forces with TCC to build his ultimate set of Chinese Linking Rings. That release shared the debut of Michael’s Five Ring Routine after a lifetime of personal study and performance. Now, thanks to a set of multicolored ‘teaching rings’ and the best magic teaching in the business, you’ll learn the perfect synthesis of Vernon’s Symphony of the Rings and Pop Haydn’s Comedy Ring Routine. It’s classic Ammar at his best—the routine includes everything you’d want in a ring routine, and ONLY the stuff that astounds.

    * Add-a-Number – Michael’s impromptu stage mind reading miracles is easy-to-do and impossible. Just a direct powerhouse miracle with no filler to slow your show!

    * Signature Miracles Discussion – In preparation for Michael’s upcoming CC Club Hands-On Workshops, we screen some classic Ammar performances of miracles that defined magic for an entire generation of magicians. Michae’s discussion of his Tonight Show performance and conversation with Johnny Carson was a highlight of the evening.

    * Torn & Amazed – Michael’s easy-to-do Torn and Restored Card lets you visually repair SIGNED, ripped card as the audience looks on. It’s visual, stunning and requires nothing but an extra card and two minutes of prep!

    * Bill to Peanut  – This aptly named miracle will fool and entertain your audiences with a bill to an impossible location that’s packed with magic and surprises your audience will never see coming. The ease of prep, free choice and easy-to-do method makes this the perfect go-to bill to impossible location for anyone looking for a truly practical professional routine!



    Magic Masters: Michael Ammar Part 2 2023-07-12 ##
    0:00:33 – intro
    0:01:08 – performance of Any Signed Card to Any Spectator’s Wallet
    0:05:19 – explanation of Any Signed Card to Any Spectator’s Wallet
    0:16:18 – Q&A
    0:21:55 – performance of Ammar’s Linking Rings Routine
    0:25:16 – chat
    0:27:00 – explanation of Ammar’s Linking Rings Routine
    0:36:30 – chat
    0:37:25 – encore performance of Ammar’s Linking Rings Routine
    0:40:11 – chat
    0:50:25 – about workshops
    0:51:56 – video performance of bill switch
    0:54:23 – chat about bill switch
    1:00:27 – video performance of Crazy Man’s Handcuffs
    1:02:29 – chat about Crazy Man’s Handcuffs
    1:06:45 – video performance of floating bill
    1:09:36 – chat about floating bill
    1:16:15 – lecture vs. workshop comments
    1:18:08 – performance of Add-a-Number
    1:22:48 – explanation of Add-a-Number
    1:31:41 – Q&A
    1:33:24 – performance of Torn and Amazed
    1:34:40 – explanation of Torn and Amazed
    1:41:08 – performance of Bill to Peanut
    1:45:23 – explanation of Bill to Peanut
    1:58:24 – chat about restoring money
    2:04:14 – Q&A
    2:10:27 – closing comments

    Timestamps by James Marshall


     Magic Masters Confidential Michael Ammar Part 2

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