Mental Card by Hektor

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    The Mental Card is the first prop of this kind which allows you to make 25 (!) magic/mentalism effects – a whole magic show in your wallet with you at any time and everywhere!

    With the Mental Card you can:
    – predict selected symbols, numbers, cards;
    – force words, numbers, symbols, cards in different ways;
    – make incredible revelations with Virtual Reality animations;
    – combine it with your deck of cards for more powerful effects!

    This is the ONLY product on the market which allows you to do 25!! (and more) effects with a single credit card.

    The text part on the face of the credit card is now with relief (3D) letters and nothing can be peeled off and practically the card can be used a lifetime!

    The Manual included explanations of 25 effects but with your imagination you can make even more! There is also instructions how to install the free app for your Virtual Reality animations. The colors and whole design are very carefully selected and the card is created by high quality materials.

    It really looks like a normal credit card and it is full with a lot of hidden features for many wonderful magic/mentalism effects.

    Timon Krause (the Best European Mentalist – Nostradamus Award 2016/2017 and the man who fooled Penn & Teller): “Mental Card is a thing of beauty. Perfectly produced, cleverly thought out and 100% organic. This, my friends, is wallet mentalism done right!”

    Mark Strivings (Magician, Mentalist, Inventor, the creator of the legendary SUC wallet): “Here’s something that pretty much any magician who carries credit cards of any sort can use. It looks great, is very well made and with the range of available options present with this card just about anyone will be able to find something they can use it for, regardless of your performing style.”

    Preston Heller: “The card arrived today. All I can says is “WOW”. That is scary good!!! I have a big show today, but tomorrow I start playing with it. Very excited. Thank you so much. Just looks amazing.”

    Renato Cotini (the co-creator of the Augmented and developer of the virtual reality animations of the Mental Card and Houdini Spirit Board): “The card is really stunning and fits perfectly in your wallet, if you are a mentalist or a magician.”

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