Me My Cards and I by John Carey

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     Me, My Cards and I by John Carey


    The remarkable new book from renowned close-up innovator John Carey, Me, My Cards & I. A collection of more than seventy new card effects, utility methods, essays and even a few sneaky coin pieces, John’s latest book is a handbook for creative, accessible, DOABLE magic for close-up workers of all kinds. John is known for his straightforward hard-hitting material and enclosed in the pages of this book are some of his best effects yet. If you love great close-up magic, now is the time to spend a while with Me, My Cards & I.

    Me, My Cards & I is now available as a PDF ebook! 149 approx. 6" x 9" pages, photo-illustrated.

        Sweet Simplicity
        Fortune teller
        ESP Do as I Do
        A simple Holdout
        Dummy Run...
        Random Thoughts #1
        Streamlined Prediction
        Colour Me in!
        Hands Off Oil & Water
        Deja Boo!
        Opening Time!
        Triple Prediction
        Oh Baby!!!
        Teleport: A signed card to envelope
        Test Conditions Card Force
        Time Traveller
        Ambitious O’Henry
        Redford Unplugged
        The Lazy Magician!
        Follow Me Follow You
        Sync 2.0
        CAAN You Believe It?
        CAAN Lite!
        Thoughts in a box...
        Thoughts in a Box #2
        PATEO Production
        Multiple Bluff Control
        Your thoughts are mine...
        Stealth Prediction
        One hand and one card
        On the up up up
        Homage to Tamariz
        Advice for new magicians
        Bullets on the table...
        When two minds meet
        A.K.A Triumph
        Thought Buster
        A Perfect Six!
        Just a thought...
        Just a thought 2.0
        Bluff Dribble Force
        The Unknown Future
        When Two Hearts...
        Little Vernon
        He who knows...
        Listen In!
        Ambitious Interchange
        Think Again?!?
        Pin Cracker!
        The Isolation Force
        Think a Force
        The One and Only
        Stealth Cull
        Tabled Convincing Control
        Mental Rosini
        That’s Inflation!
        Choice and Chance
        What is the Real Work?: An essay
        Rioboo Style
        International Hanging Coins
        Slow Motion Copper Silver
        Final Words


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