Mazarian Arathorn and Steve Drury - Olde Magick From Dragon-Fire

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    This is a MUST Have for anyone that wants a look at very creative thinking. Things that really work in reality. I know because I have seen Charles and his wife perform in the early days of Tony’s Invocations. They blew people away. So now you get great historical peeks as to the birth of our bra – nch of Magick and effects that work. Plus even ‘real world’ Magick to make life better.
    Everett Bookings

    From the outset, ‘Olde Magick from Dragon-Fire Castle’ appears as a definitive collection of bizarre magick and esoteric mentalism performance pieces, resounding with invocations past, written by the Ancient One. But prepare yourself and let your consciousness wander into the mist-shrouded tower of The Grail Institute … and you will experience sage guidance on techniques such as influence, awareness, energy and charisma for your performance use too. Then there’s the opportunity to gain an insight into ‘Immersive Charismatic Magick’ concepts. Read this at your own risk … you – and your audiences –
     may never be the same again!

    Learn from the mist-shrouded towers of Dragon-Fire Castle.  The Ancient One invites you to enjoy the early days of bizarre magick with classical ‘old school’ effects of his from the fabled
    Grimoire of the Mages
    , the legendary
    Scroll of Masklyn ye Mage
     magazine, etc.

    In addition, he reveals how to …

        Cause a wooden stake to burst into flame with an ancient incantation.
        Overcome a demonic creature that visibly flies for your throat!
        Heal others’ pain with your energy flow.
        Bend a beam of light with your bare hands!
        And much more within the 300 pages!