Max Maven - Prisma - La Serie Colorata Del Mentalismo (Italian)

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    Max Maven - Prisma - La Serie Colorata Del Mentalismo (Italian)

    In the last hundred years have been published many texts devoted to mentalism , but few have stood the test of time. Among these, there are surely those of Max Maven . Maven - who once called Phil Goldstein - in the period from the second half of the twentieth century to the early twenty-first , he has produced a work of the most extensive , intelligent and influential in the industry.

    His star is quickly established , with the publication of five books full of mentalism innovative and highly spectacular. Became famous as the " Series colorful " , contained effects now regarded as modern classics . Maven it produced a few specimens , and despite repeated requests , refused to reprint them ( therefore became highly sought after , coming to cost hundreds of dollars). Finally, after a quarter of a century , the entire series - enriched by the illustrations of Ton Onosaka - is available again.


    53 of the best mentalism effects for close-up room, and the scene!


    Orson Welles wrote that Max Maven has " the most original minds in the world of illusion ." For the New York Times "on his show of mind-reading defies definition and conceptual art becomes ." People magazine has hailed his work as " a new form of interactive theater ." The Los Angeles Times claimed that his " ability to improvise is heightened by its charismatic animal magnetism ."


    No, we do not know what it means to all of this, but it seems that even the audience of more than thirty countries think so .

    Among his television appearances , Maven has conducted eight special in Japan ( performing in Japanese language) and was involved in programs in Taiwan, Sweden , Norway, Finland , England, Canada and the United States .

    Behind the scenes, he was a consultant for almost all the big names in contemporary illusionism , and more than a hundred television shows .


    He has published more than two thousand articles, essays and magical effects , and now he is very tired ...


    Welcome to a classic reborn.

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