Matt Pritchard Masterclass Live 1-3

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    Matt Pritchard Masterclass Live 1-3


    Session 1 - May 7, 2023 (4pm ET | NYC Time)

    In the first session, you’ll learn how to drive a toy car through a brick wall, how to make an inverted mirror—which completely distorts reality—and even a method to make a ghost appear anywhere. Plus, Matt will also be revealing five other methods that he has never shared on video before.

    Session 2 - May 14, 2023 (4pm ET | NYC Time)

    This one-of-kind-session will dive into Matt’s viral videos and explain exactly how they work. From the Black Hole iillusion to the Lego Transposition and even his famous Invisibility Cloak trick, Matt will be sharing the secrets to the tricks that have baffled millions of people.

    Live Q&A on Zoom - May 21, 2023 (4pm ET | NYC Time)

    Hangout on Zoom with Matt and ask him anything. Chat about methods, social media, or whatever you’d like. As a special bonus, he’ll even be sharing some of his works in progress.


    Matt Pritchard Masterclass Live 1-3