Martin Lewis - A Sharper Sharped

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    A wonderful routine only requiring a false count. Martin Lewis uses the Buckle count but several other false counts can be substituted.

    The premise is a game of cards with a card sharper. You deal cards and the sharper counts his cards. He has 6 cards. Since you can't play poker with six he removes one card and counts them again still leaving him with six cards. This is repeated two more times always leaving him with six cards. Only the last time he is left with 4 cards. Since you can't play poker with 4 cards he adds a card but still is left with only 4 cards. This continues until in the end he has again 6 cards. The sharper throws the cards down and leaves. However, when the cards are shown face up they are five cards - a royal flush.

    Recorded live at the Convention at the Capital 2000.

    runtime: 7min 43s

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