Martin A. Nash - Infinity Power

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    Martin A. Nash - Infinity Power



    Back in 1991, Martin Nash invented a new card control. Now, this statement may seem super-fluous, even blahze. Martin’s new control, Infinity, is perhaps one of the most ingenious and intuitive inventions tocome along in card magic since the Double Lift. I mean that in all honesty. When Martin first invent-ed it, he sold it to fifty card men for fifty dollars each. However, there were conditions for acquiring this masterpiece. The first was that if they didn’t like it, they didn’t have to pay for it, but they werenot allowed to use it. The second condition was that they were not to teach it to anyone. The third wasthat they were not to publish it or put it on tape. Martin’s part of the deal was that he would not put it out for one year. It would stay an exclusive. No one broke their word to him, and two years later he published it on tape for the first time in Infinity & Beyond.

    After Martin had perfected Infinity, one of the first people he showed it to was The Great Tomsoni, Johnny Thompson. He had this to say about it, “I find Martin’s Infinity Principle to be oneof the cleverest and most useful card controls in my repertoire.” That was over a decade ago, and Infinity is now one of the main controls that Thompson uses. It was in fact Thompson that named the control. After Martin showed it to him, he began to play with it, and every night, he would call Martinfrom his cruise in Hawaii saying, “Hey! Did you know that you could do this with this control? Did you know that you could do this with it? And this? and this?” After a while he began to speak of how infinite the possibilities were. Thus was born the name Infinity.

    This “underground” book was written by Jon Racherbaumer and Lee Freed (who published it). It was actually completed in 2000, but it didn’t go to press until 2003. And then, only FIFTY numbered copies were produced. Andy Greget sold a number of them at the LVMI in October of 2003. The books had no photos or diagrams.

    I added all the photos and made a clean printable copy of this unique book. Now YOU can have this wonderful masterpiece of Martin Nash. – R.I.P.


    Martin Nash Infinity Power


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