Mark Strivings - The Five-Times Project

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    Picture this -

    Five spectators are randomly selected to assist by tossing a wadded paper ball into the audience. Let's say there are four women and one man who catch it. Upon taking the stage the paper ball is opened up and it says, "For this demonstration we will need four ladies and one man."

    Or picture this -

    A spectator takes a handful of change out of their pocket. The performer never goes anywhere near it. In fact he doesn't even have to see the change at all. The spectator counts the change. It is recorded on a pad. They then drop their change repeatedly, eliminating all coins that land tails side up until just one random coin remains heads side up. The date on that coin is recorded. That same coin is then flipped in the air five times and the results (heads or tails) of each flip is recorded. It is then shown that the performer has cleanly predicted all of these random occurrences ahead of time. The performer never touches the coins in any way.

    Or picture this -

    Two teams of spectator's compete in the world's wackiest spelling bee. A total of five words are spelled with loads of action and fun with all of the results recorded. Once the dust settles, the performer shows that he has cleanly predicted the results of all of that insanity ahead of time.

    Or picture this -

    As a prelude to a performance of Out of This World, the performer displays an envelope that contains a single folded slip of paper. This is left in full sight. The performer has his helper select five cards from a thoroughly shuffled deck. These selections are truly random. It is found that the five cards consisted of two red cards and three black cards. The folded slip is opened and it reads, "You will select two red cards and three black cards." From there a killer performance of Out of This World commences.

    These are but a few of the myriad of possibilities that you will find buried in the pages of The Five-Times Project.

    There are seven specific tricks listed in its table of contents, but using what you will learn in those pages, there is literally no end to the effects that can be done.

    I've written approximately 40 books (to be honest, I've stopped counting, so I don't know the exact number), but out of all of them, this may be the single most 'bursting at the seams with possibilities' title that I have ever written. Using what you will learn in this slim but very pregnant volume, the sky is truly the limit.

    So what is The Five-Times Project?

    At its core, this is the prediction of five genuinely random occurrences. There are no forces of any kind. The properties used are minimal. The methods are devious. And the material ranges from close up to stage.

    Yes, I said methods, plural. The exploration of this rather unique plot is extensive and wide ranging. And what's more, it's all surprisingly easy to do.

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