Mark Mason - It Beats Working Lecture Notes

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    Mark Mason - It Beats Working Lecture Notes




    Within the small packet is a plethora of effects, moves, and routines. A lot of the 'moves' he teaches can be strung together to make their own routines, as well. There are a few typos, but there are pictures to go along with some of the explanations, and the explanations are very clear. Contents include:

    Flying Low- This is the first effect in the booklet, and a great one at that. This is Mark's take on the Ambitious Card, and he's added numerous 'endings'. After the card jumps to the top several times, it ends up jumping into his mouth. It then jumps into his pants and is removed by the fly. It's a great comedic routine, and he really goes into the 'psychology' behind the effect, such as setting them up for the ending.

    Pop Out Transpo- This is a move he has come up with, which is also used in a small routine. It's basically a rendition of the 'pop out' move except the card comes from 'nowhere' and you catch it between your 2 middle fingers (one from each hand). It takes A LOT of practice to get it to flow smoothly, but when done properly (as he does it), it looks beautiful. He teaches a transposition effect where the spectator selects 2 cards, 1 is placed in their hand and one in the deck. Then the card in their hand jumps out of the deck, and the card from the deck is now in their hand. Just a quick little trick that is fun to watch.

    Spellbound Again- Mark's take on the Spellbound coin effect. In my opinion, it's very good, but requires some serious skill to pull all of the sleights off. He has taken away some moves, and adjusted some to make the routine seem more 'magical', and has come up with a couple of new vanishes which look very nice. He then takes the moves that he has come up with and puts them into some other routines. Retention Vanish- This is a variation on the 'grip' he has come up with for the Spellbound routine. Short explanation on a simple retention vanish using the move.

    Silk and Coin- A small vanishing coin effect using a similar method to Spellbound Again. He doesn't explain more than the vanish, as it should be used as more of a utility than an effect within itself. Definitely has a lot of potential if you are looking to add to your coin and silk routine.

    Attitude Force- This is his take on the Classic Force. It's hard to practice, but once you get it down, you will use this EVERY DAY. It's a simple move that makes the Classic Force 300% more effective. One of the best forces you've ever seen. Period.

    Stuck Up Monte- It's an interesting take for a monte using an underappreciated utility. Stealy Good- This is strictly a move, not a routine. It's a method for stealing a card from the center of the deck while showing it to the spectator. Requires a lot of practice, but when used in the right circumstance, it's devastating. It's definitely a good move to know.

    Put and Take Move- Combine this with the Attitude Force, and you will be getting reactions like you have never seen. This is basically a way of FAIRLY putting a card away and having it reappear in the deck. Mark was surrounded by magicians. He would have them pick any card. He puts it in his pocket, has them pick another card. It's the same one. He does this until people tell him to stop. No one will EVER figure it out. No duplicates, no gimmicks. The idea can be added to any trick, and it has endless uses. He also describes the moves very well, as well as the timing.

    Foot and Mouth- A fun routine that involves cards switching places from under the spectators foot and their hand, and they end up in your mouth. Will catch them off guard, but it's a multiple-phase routine, so you'll need to practice a lot before performing it. He gives good reason to make the 'moves' that you do, and no one will ever question anything.

    Hindu Rope Surprise- This is some work that he has done with IT. It involves making a rope float and dance. Although the method may be easy, Mark gives some good insight on setting up, misdirection, and other important aspects of IT that are often overlooked.

    Silk and Sleeve- Sponge balls and silks combined into one hard hitting routine. It's based off several routines and effects Mark has picked up along the way, and it's killer. I love it, and although I already know a bunch of sponge ball routines, this is still one of the best. It uses some overlooked methods to complete some of the phases, and makes for a great routine. This set of notes is a STEAL for the price!


    Mark Mason - It Beats Working Lecture Notes

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