Marcelo Insua (Mr. Tango) LIVE 3 (Penguin LIVE)

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    Marcelo Insua (Mr. Tango) LIVE 3 (Penguin LIVE)
    Top-quality, commercial coin and card magic from the owner of Tango Magic. 
    "Marcelo Insúa (Mr.Tango) does creative and beautiful magic, do not miss it!"- Woddy Aragon
    "Great ideas combined with excellent craftsmanship."- Charlie Frye
    "Marcelo Insua is not only a great person, is one of the most creatives minds in the magical world. If you have never seen a lecture from him, you loose one of the more creative experiences in our world. Highly recommended If you loose it, don't cry."- Anthony Blake PEA Dunninger Memorial award 2003
    "In addition to being a gaffed coin maker, Marcelo is also a creative, skilled and entertaining professional magician. I like his style of direct and visual magic."- Meir Yedid
    "Insua's magic goes direct to the point. His creations and his own magic are always looking for the most direct way to amaze and create the "what a f...!" moment."- Roberto Mansilla, author of the book Naypes and columnist of Genii magazine.
    What will he teach?
    Open Predictions- 2 original methods.
    ACAAN- Two original routines, one of them never revealed, in both routines magician don't touch the deck.
    Invisible Deck and Incredible Coincidence
    Tossed-out Deck- New method.
    Shuffled Deck Routine- Suit revelation, Same shuffled deck, magician finds every single card in the deck, but he is totaly blinded. As great finale, magician takes the shuffle deck and finds the aces and orders every single suit, in just 4 seconds. 4 different switch of card are used, 3 of them never revealed before.
    One Coin Routine- with the new Triple TUC.
    Coin across- A new and very clean method performed at the people hands.
    Ambitious coin- With regular coins.
    Blinded- The Magician goes to the spectators and guesses the people's objects.
    Who is he?
    Marcelo Insúa, also known as Mr. Tango, is a full entertainment magician, creator, lecturer and consultant of magic and mentalism. He won the Invention Award in the FISM 2012.
    He is the founder and owner of the famous Bar Mágico of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he performs every week on close up and parlor stages.
    He is also the founder of the prestigious factory of gaffed coins and magic products Tango Magic.
    As a lecturer, he has traveled around 30 different countries sharing his inventions, the most famous are:
    T.U.C, this coin allowed him to win the FISM prize, considered the best gaffed coin ever.
    Shared Dreams: a modern new way to perform the famous confabulation effect.
    The Unmemorized deck: a great work using a unknowledge Gardner principle.
    Tango A.C.A.A.N: considered one of the best acaans for the Genii reviewers.
    As an artist, he is shooting a TV program around Argentina, showing the most typical places of his country and doing magic.
    In his city, the parliament gave him the most important distinction for an artist, he was elected as Outstanding Personality of Culture of Buenos Aires.
    This is his third Penguin LIVE!
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