Magos Artesanos - SuperDeluxe Electric Chair 2.0

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    Magos Artesanos - SuperDeluxe Electric Chair 2.0



    This Super Deluxe Electric Chair 2.0 is of the highest quality and with separate slats, is a chair of completely normal appearance. It can be meticulously examined by anyone. The chair can move without any problem - move, open, close and have someone sit one on it.

    In addition to the electric discharge system (of course without any danger to the viewer), it also includes a vibration system. Both are adjustable in intensity.

    That is, you can transmit either an electric shock, or a simple vibration to the person sitting on it, at your whim and by remote control.

    This allows you to expand the field of use and presentations for this chair to an incalculable level, and only limited by your imagination.

    Can you not think of hundreds of ideas?

    In addition, in this version 2.0, we have incorporated a high-durability USB rechargeable battery. We have also eliminated the rear case that contained all the electronics. In our version 2.0, all the electronics are contained in the original structure of the chair itself... UNDETECTABLE!

    Separate Slats
    Super deluxe version with separate slats.

    Electric discharge system adjustable in intensity.

    Built-in vibration system, also adjustable in intensity.

    Scope of control: over 20 meters.

    Energy Saving
    Automatic security system for energy saving.

    In Spanish
    Detailed instructions in English and Spanish.

    Rechargeable Battery
    High-life rechargeable battery. The battery lasts up to 24 hours in open circuit.

    Extra-fast Loading
    The battery will be fully charged in just 30 minutes.

    100% Examinable
    The chair is 100% examinable and is of high quality.

    Includes Cover
    Includes carrying case to protect and move the chair and all accessories comfortably.

    Online Videos
    Includes access to online video instructions.

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