Magic Variety Pack by Paul A. Lelekis

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    Magic Variety Pack by Paul A. Lelekis

    This is a bonanza of magic – and begins with an intro of performance tips which contains tips, hints, suggestions, notes, and secrets of performance – very important! Included are two videos of performances and explanations. Magic with coins, ESP, cards, silks, bottles, topological problems, and most of these effects are impromptu.

    22 monster effects are included with an introduction explaining how a real professional takes control and makes his or her spectators, in awe. Included is a section of "Quickies", or quick tricks that appear to be "off-the-cuff", yet, will dazzle your spectators.

    PROFESSIONAL TIPS is a section explaining how to bring your spectators into your magical universe and endear them.

    E-Z CARDS ACROSS is perfect for parlor, cabaret, or even your living room. Paul's version is the easiest method possible to perform this miracle. The patter is hilarious.

    CLOSE UP COLOR CHANGING SILK! This new method is so clean…your spectators will be stunned. The included patter is so ridiculous, your spectators will laugh out loud.

    ACCURATE PREDICTION (2 methods) is ESP at its finest! Every step is so fair that your spectators will be shocked.

    TWO COINS is a coin routine with many, many revelations. Learn new sleights and dazzle your spectators.

    E-Z TORN and RESTORED CARD – This is the easiest T&R that you can perform…yet it is every bit as strong as the others.

    WINE BOTTLE PRODUCTION – You are going to love this powerful, easy-to-do routine. Great opener for table-side.

    A COMEDY CARD REVERSAL – Paul has been performing this routine for 20 years…it is absolutely mind-blowing – and very, very funny. Instead of a card reversing, the whole deck turns face up. Shock will ensue, and it's easy to do.

    DELUDED DUNBURY - Charlie Miller's Dunbury Delusion is a "staple" of the best card magician's in the world. Paul has provided a very easy-to-understand, step by step procedure. This routine will fool everyone.

    AN UPDATED MARLO MIRACLE – This is one of Paul's favorite tricks to perform and kept "underground" for many years. Paul has simplified Marlo's handling…but it is every bit as strong as the original routine…even stronger. Important! This effect is completely broken down, step-by-step, with notes, hints, and performance tips that you can use to improve every aspect of your performances, making you the very best performer possible for many routines!

    QUICKIES – In between your longer routines, the real professional will "fry" brains with these quickie routines that will appear be, "off-the-cuff". This is the sign of a true professional and these quickies are what your spectators will talk about, long after your performance is complete. 12 quick routines plus a variety of performance tips and hints that will make you appear to be a master of magic.

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