Magic Tricks For The Visually Impaired Part 1 by Dave Arch

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    Ever wished you could gain some media coverage for your magic shows while making a substantial contribution to others' lives? Consider teaching magic tricks to the blind. No doubt there's an organization in your area that already serves as a hub for services to the visually impaired. The very concept of blind people and magic catches most people (and the media) off-guard. Yet it's very workable as Dave Arch's experience shows. When you consider the tricks you already know, there are three categories of tricks that work for the visually impaired. There are tricks that the blind can perform for sighted people, tricks that blind people can perform for blind people, and tricks that you can perform for blind people. In this first of a three-part series, you'll use an ordinary deck of playing cards to teach a blind person a five-minute routine that s/he can successfully perform - amazing and amusing his/her own sighted family and friends. Comes complete with six audio files that you can give to the blind person (usually loaded onto their audiobook player) so s/he can then listen for practice/reinforcement between your lessons with them. This routine is recommended for anyone above elementary school age and usually takes a minimum of three one-hour lessons to learn - needing only a regular deck of playing cards and a handkerchief.