Magic Ingredient & Kidology - Samuel Patrick Smith

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    Magic Ingredient & Kidology - Samuel Patrick Smith 2sets

    Two complete programs!

    The Magic Ingredient
    What's the magic ingredient in a successful kid-show? This new DVD not only tells you, it shows you! Samuel Patrick Smith performs funny, time-tested routines for live audiences.

    Each performance is followed by a studio session where you'll learn not only the method of the trick, but the hidden tips and secrets behind making each one a hit in your show.

    If you've read Sammy's books, Big Laughs for little People or Kiddie Patter and Little Feats, you'll find new versions of his favorite tricks on this DVD. New Jokes, new ways of performing tricks.


        Crayons to scarf
        The Crystal Tube
        Multiplying Billiard Balls
        The imagination Cap
        The shrinking Glove
        Headband blendo
        The egg, the bag, and the magic hat
        Nest of boxes
        Puff the magic rabbit

    Step into Samuel Patrick Smith's laboratory and watch successful demonstrations of laugh-packed magic for kids. There's no guesswork in this video, where making kids laugh has been reduced to a science! Great magic and comedy , guaranteed to get results.


        The invisible flying silk scarf
        Soft Soap
        Portable Beach Balls
        Cut and restored rope
        Monster hat
        Commercials and Jokes.

    What's the scientific formula for kid-show success? Good material plus solid presentation -- and each effect in Kidology follows this rule. Every routine comes to you direct from Samuel Patrick Smith's action-packed kidshow, fully tested, polished, and ready to adapt to your own personal performances.

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