Luu Tuan Anh - Top 5 Card Tricks to Impress Anyone

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    Luu Tuan Anh - Top 5 Card Tricks to Impress Anyone

    Today I gonna bring you TOP 5 secrets, more than 10 years in this field of my entire life, the thing that I do every single time to impress your friend, family and so on.

    With those secrets, you could be central of attention, instant grab admirable eyes from people you love.

    No theory, just real world experience and Action.

    As a closeup magician, I find myself a lots of reputation maker in my repertoire, However, this 5 killing effects, I do every single time when I want something quick and heart-hitting:

    1. Thought of Card

    Imagine you could guess 100% precision of any playing card she could thought of.

    100 Accuracy and easy to do

    Giving you the psychic ability to read her mind and more

    2. Two card monte

    2 Black Aces change to 2 Red QUEENS infront of her eyes

    David Blaine's reputation maker, 1st time explained in full detail

    Girls will down in AWE

    3. Lucky Card Prediction

    Your lucky card which you carry with you all the time turned out to be her signed random cards.

    Prostuff and prowork

    4. Two Card Transpo

    2 Signed card magically and vividly swapped place in front of their own eyes

    Best card trick in the world

    5. Moves Box

    Lots of card moves, skills, thoughts, to make you real time pro

    Just buy me a cup of coffee, you wont regret of what you see.

    See you on the inside.


    Luu Tuan Anh - Top 5 Card Tricks to Impress Anyone