Lee Earle - The Gentle Art of Cold Reading (audio)

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    Lee Earle - The Gentle Art of Cold Reading (audio)


    The Gentle Art of Cold Reading by Lee Earle

    "I said the secret words and tripled my income.

    I'm talking about Cold Reading. A combination of flim-flam, applied psychology, and glib entertainment, it persuades folks to believe that you know more about them than they ever thought possible. Knowledge like this will prove to be one of the most valuable assets in your performing repertoire."
    -Lee Earle

    Only one hundred and seventy seven words long, this reading was developed at a major university and evaluated by test subjects to be over 90% accurate every time! My 80 minute audio-CD and its companion book are packed with hints, tips, techniques, and distilled experience; the inside information which, up until now, has been closely guarded by some of the industry's most successful performers.

    Pop the audio-CD into your car's stereo and learn Cold Reading the easy way. Discover how to make the reading sound fresh and new every time. Even when the ladies cluster around you (and they will) listening to what you say to every person, each will receive different and personalized information when it's her turn. Find out a method which gets your spectator to make the reading more accurate by doing your work for you.

    Includes  CD.


    he Gentle Art of Cold Reading by Lee Earle




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