Lecture BUNDLE by Adam Conesa Modern Magicians

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    Here’s What You Will Learn

    You’ll find Micky’s methods in this video easy to learn and implement, yet all of the tricks pack a punch with your audience. These are all effects that Micky performs in his private paid shows.

    ​Triple Coincidence Effect: This is Adam’s favorite trick to open with. Inspired by Paul Curry’s “Power of Thought” w/ 3 cards instead of one. The spectator chooses one of two decks, selects 3 cards, and amazingly those 3 cards are in the same position in the other deck.
    ​The Harbin Triple Coincidence: Just one deck, 3 cards randomly selected, and somehow the mates of those 3 cards are on the top of the deck.
     Coincidence Couples:​ The deck is split in two… both magician & spectator shuffle the deck. Somehow, the top 3 cards are all the same. Put these first three tricks together as a routine, or perform them separately.
    Eye Doubt It: Two cards freely selected, returned to the deck, and shuffled. The magician locates the wrong cards… and with a magical “kiss”, transforms both to the correct cards. A nice step up from a simple one card transformation
    Impossible Location: 3 Spectators, 3 Cards Selected, 3 Cards Returned to the deck in different locations… and all 3 Cards Quickly Located.
    Triple Transposition: A mind-bending commercial effect based on the great Ed Marlo… 4 Aces & 4 Kings placed face down on the table… 4 random cards dealt down as well… an Ace and a King and a random card all move to another packet… amazingly, all of it’s mates ‘follow the leader’ and are in the new pack.
    ​Miraskill: A really cool card-counting prediction effect. You put red cards and black cards in 3 different packets… and are able to predict how many reds & blacks there are in each.
    Stab it in the Pack: A wonderfully easy handling of this Harry Lorayne classic. The card is selected and then seemingly without any handling whatsoever, the magician is able to “stab’ another card into the deck and cut it right where the spectator’s card is sitting in the deck.
    ​​8 Card Oil & Water (3 Phases): You’ll have your friends and family blinking there eyes and wanting to grab the cards right out of your hands to prove there’s extra cards or some other shenigans — but there’s not. Just a couple of simple sleight of hands moves that you may already know (and if not, you’ll need ’em anyway!)
    ​Bonus Spirit Card: Are you ready to believe in a spiritual experience? Learn one of the simplistic methods to make a selected card rise in a table spread.
    Bonus #1: Card Tricks & The Way They are Performed!
    The Original “Stacked Deck” + 10 Easy to Fool’em Tricks
    Imagine knowing where each card in the deck is, at all times. This book details one of the easiest ways to do exactly that! “The Si Stebbins stack”, as it is known, was one of the first published stack deck of the modern era of magic.

    This little book contains a description of how to create the stack (it’ll take you 10 minutes) and ten great tricks you can do once they’re in order. You’ll be able to perform unthinkable miracles in less than a week!

    Many professional magicians over the years have wowed audiences with a variety of Stebbins’ famous tricks. Every card magician should understand the concept of deck stacking and effects that can be performed with such a system

    This is an absolute must-learn of magic!

    Bonus #2: Practical Mental Magic by Theodore Annemann
    Nearly 200 Astounding Act of Mental Magic
    Mind reading, thought transmission, prophecy, miracle slate routines and other “psychic” effects are among the most impressive tricks in any magician’s repertoire. Their power to amaze and dumbfound an audience is unparalleled in the domain of stage magic.

    You’ll find over 200 mental magic effects in 12 different categories: Effects w/ Billets & Pellets, Publicity Effects, Dead or Alive, Book Tests, Thought Foretold, Envelopes, Miracle Slate Routines, Money Mentalism, Blindfold Reading, Mentalism with Cards, and Psychic Codes

    Written by Theodore Annemann, one of the greatest mentalists of his time. Through his own performances and editorship of Jinx magazine, he probably did more than anyone else to popularize this branch of entertainment. Now, this extensive knowledge, experience and know-how are at your fingertips in this incredible collection.

    Each of these crowd-pleasers is thoroughly explained and diagrammed, with insider’s tips on techniques, staging, patter, plants and confederates, diversions-everything you need to make any trick a fool-proof success. No special equipment is required; just traditional magic props and a willingness to learn from one of magic’s legendary figures. Although written for professional magicians, the step-by-step detail, clarity and inclusiveness of this collection, along with the author’s intimate knowledge of the stage performer’s needs, make this a volume that will benefit magicians at every level of expertise.