Latest Conjuring by Will Goldston

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    his is an early publication by Will Goldston. It is a kind of smorgasbord of tricks, illusions, apparatus, hand shadows, plays, and advertisements for his Gamage Ltd.

    Latest Method For Performing Soup Plate And Handkerchief Trick
    The Egg, Card, And Wand Balance
    A Novel Trick
    A Good Slate Trick
    The Wine Bottle And Card Trick
    The Latest Pip Card Trick
    A Neat Handkerchief Trick
    Mystic Canteen And Birdcage
    The Egg And Straw Balance
    Handkerchief Spinning Trick
    The Table Lifting
    A New Slate Trick
    Slate Writing
    Twenty-Five Balloons Produced From A Hat
    Rifle And Handkerchief Trick
    An Effective Handkerchief Trick
    Vanished Handkerchief Produced Dry From A Glass Of Wine
    The Improved Servante Tray
    The Hypnotised Wand
    Gamage's Improved Thumb Tie
    The Gamage Card And Die Illusion
    The Vanishing Canaries And Cage Trick
    Another Canary Cage
    Wonderful Walking Egg
    New Handkerchiefs Produced From Glass
    The "Gamage" Duck Cylinder
    The Gamage Candle And Mystic Bouquet
    Marvellous Production From An Empty Hat
    The Vest Servante
    The Wonderful Vanishing Die Box
    Improved Vanishing Glass Tumbler
    Lifting A Bowl Of Water
    The Celebrated Chinese Egg Bag Trick
    Card And Bouquet Illusion
    Billiard Balls And Cue
    A Good Glass Bowl Trick
    The Secret Of Paper Tearing Trick
    The Improved Goldfish Illusion
    The Goldston-Downs Bottle Illusion
    The Talking Skull
    The Stroubeika Illusion
    Famous Ducks And Tub Illusion
    The Wonderful Lady And Scale Illusion
    Improved Vanishing Lady And Cage Illusion
    The "Gamage" Flower Table
    The Sudden Appearance Of A Lady In An Empty Box
    The Mysterious Head Illusion
    An Instantaneous Exchange
    The "Gamage" Cage Illusion
    The Laurie Cabinet Illusion
    The Hewes Levitation
    A Great Levitation
    The Marvellous Clock Dial
    Silent Second-Sight Act
    The Ball And Plank Mystery
    The Pillory Illusion
    All About The Magic Kettle
    The Great Magic Kettle Act
    The Magic Kettle To Hold Liquor
    The Mystic Kettle
    A Handcuff Trick For Test Work
    Sack Trick
    The Mokana Shoe
    Latest And Best Fakes To Open Regulation Handcuffs And Leg-Irons
    The Celebrated Trick Collar And Bolt
    The Rope Trick
    How To Fake Ordinary Handcuffs
    The Goldston Packing Case
    The Escape From A Tin Or Iron Trunk
    The Barrel Illusion
    Improved Iron Cage
    The Improved Packing Case Mystery
    The Fairy Handcuff King
    Hand Shadows And How To Work Them
    The Nulite Shadow Gas Lamp And Stand
    The Nulite Acetylene Shadow Lamp
    Newest Shadow Apparatus
    Shadows Without Apparatus
    Shadows With Apparatus
    A Laughable Picture
    Ally Sloper Having A Shirker
    Mr. And Mrs. Lockshen
    Farmer Hayseed With Pipe
    Woman Tasting Soup
    Chef And Frying Pan
    The Miser

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