Larry Kuehn - Traveler's Hidden Isle

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    Larry Kuehn - Traveler's Hidden Isle


    The Scroll of the Mystics! Traveler Returns....

    This is the latest edition of the Traveler's series of books by Lary Kuehn and T. Everett Bookings, III. And it is focused on how Traveler created new things while isolating from Covid on the Isle of Iona.

    Foreword by Terry Tyson. Faireachdainn an Draoidh - Feel the Magic! Mothaich na Spioradan - Sense the Spirits. Gabh Fois Agus Cruthaich - Rest and Create. Cluinn an Cuan Labhair - Hear the Ocean Speak.

    Enter Softly Secrets Hidden is what is written prior to Chapter 1 of this book. And the first title is, "The Doorbell Rings - Again - which is followed by a quote from T.S. Elliot - "Between the idea and the reality falls the shadow."


    • Foreword
    • Preface
    • The Doorbell Rings - Again
    • Traveler in His Own Voice
    • A Very Short History
    • Magickal Thinking Begins
    • The Stack!
    • Piercing The Veil
    • Multiple Combinations
    • Clearly Seen
    • A Small Coffin
    • Die Silberkugel
    • The Journey Home
    • Back in the Forest
    • The Discovery
    • The No Spread Reading
    • The Flowers

    Acknowledgements listed in no specific order are too many to include in totality such as Stanley Jaks, Terry Tyson, Bob Cassidy, Ed Fowler, Christian Chelman, Nick Belleas, Richard Webster, Tony Andruzzi, Banacheck, Jim Magus, Todd Robbins, Jack Tillar, Larry Becker, Mark Edward, Mark Strivings, Rolando Santos, Alain Nu, Steve Drury, and many others.

    Book is softbound with 98 pages.



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