Larry Barnowsky - Kingdom of the Red

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    Larry Barnowsky - Kingdom of the Red


    This is not the book. This is the bonus dvd that comes with the book. There’s some good tricks hidden in here. The cd includes:
    1) Alignment of Colors at Montauk Pt.
    2) Binary Prediction
    3) Comedy Ring & Rope
    4) Dice/No Dice
    5) Flying Single/Double Spinner
    6) Gateway Thru Space & Time
    7) Haunted Cabinet
    8.) Intrusive Black Threes
    9) Kingdom of the Red
    10) Magic Lesson
    11) Peace Dollar Production
    12) Quantum Spinner
    13) Rendezvous Ace
    14) Urokinase
    15) V-Cut
    16) Wedding Ring Redux
    Bonus: 17) Backhand Coin Change

    The Blurb:
    Between the covers of this book, you’ll discover a wealth of original magic using cards, coins, balls, dice, ropes, rings, bills, Scrabble tiles, and much more. There is ingenious apparatus that you can build, elegant card flourishes to execute, and self-working miracles with cards and coins that are designed to bewilder and entertain. 240 pages divided into 28 chapters are filled with a variety of sleights and effects geared for the beginner as well as the intermediate and advanced magician. All sleights and routines are explained in step-by-step detail using 450 sharp black and white photos. A 95 minute companion DVD supplements the text and photos with additional video explanations and demonstrations. This book reveals for the very first time prized secrets and techniques that were developed over many decades of performing and creating magic. Moreover, these secrets and techniques have been incorporated into structured routines with precise scripts. The net result is a collection of mystifying and entertaining presentations that takes a trick and transforms it into a memorable theatrical experience for the audience.

    Larry Barnowsky Kingdom of the Red