Kyle Purnell - Big Picture

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    A perfect prediction of a freely chosen word. It's time to step back and see the "Big Picture".

    "Big Picture" by Kyle Purnell offers your audience a chance to peek behind the curtain at the life of a magician and mentalist. It offers a super unique premise in which you can present the "Big Picture" deck as a tool that helps you learn to read minds, and then prove it with a real-life example.

    Each card has a different object written on it. As you go through the cards, one at a time, your spectator thinks of just one word. You then bring their attention to a prediction that has been in clear view the entire time. For the first time, they then tell you the word they thought of. You turn over the prediction to show that, impossibly, there is a crystal-clear drawing that perfectly matches the word they chose.

    No writing anything down. No peeks. They have a free choice to just think of any word they see. It can be a different word each time you perform it.

    And the words are all different. If you're thinking there's a ton of words that could all have a similar drawing. Sorry, that's not it. This super clever method is oozing with the signature creativity Kyle Purnell is beloved for.

    "Big Picture" is super easy to use. It comes ready-to-go with a custom-crafted deck of Bicycle playing cards that takes care of all the hard word for you. No complex sleight of hand required. You'll be ready to perform it just a few minutes after watching the detailed tutorial.

    If you're a worker, we know you might be nervous about carrying around another deck of cards when table-hopping or performing close-up magic. But, the fact "Big Picture" is so much more than just an ordinary card trick, gets huge reactions and resets instantly makes it well worth the pocket space.

    "Big Picture" is a super entertaining and memorable routine that is perfect for everyone from hobbyists to professional magicians. It will make anyone look like a mind reading expert and is bound to become a mainstay in your repertoire.

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