Kyle Purnell - Back In Business

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    Kyle Purnell - Back In Business



    "This release by Kyle Purnell is simply brilliant... and brilliantly simple. He has created what is destined to become a classic method for some killer effects. It's as good as it gets."

    -David Regal


    "Kyle's brain doesn't work like the rest of ours. He'll analyze a concept, break it down to its core, and then rebuild it into something beautiful. These routines are a perfect example of that. Beautiful. Simple. Direct. And leaves them with an impossible souvenir that happens to be your business card? Honestly I don't want you to get this, that way I'm the only one performing them."

    -Sebastian Gerhardt


    “Purnell packs a punch and pushes the limits of magic! There’s nothing short of that here. This project is a reason to get those business cards back out”.

    -Chris James


    "Kyle never stops!!! These three business card effects put all the rest out of business! Make it your business to get this!!"

    -Jonathan Friedman 


    “Kyle has evolved an underused concept into something really special!  Each of the effects not only look fantastic, but are easy to do, practical and very well constructed.  In other words, it’s typical Kyle Purnell genius thinking and a no brainer purchase!”

    -David Jonathan 


    “Kyle Purnell is a really creative guy and has taken my original Melt premise and completely flipped the method on its head so you can now do it COMPLETELY IMPROMPTU!!! Yup you read that right! The method  used is very very clever and can be used in so many other ways than just the card thru bill premise. This project by Kyle not only gets my blessing but my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!!!”

    -Matt Johnson (Creator of Melt)


    "No one fools me so badly and so consistently with impromptu magic than Kyle"

    -Ben Williams


    "A trifecta of pure organic magic using items you'd already carry at every gig! These are fresh-squeezed miracles that will fit perfectly in just about EVERY strolling worker's material!"

    -Michael Eaton 


    Purnell is back with something brand new and quite special. After discovering a new principle that allows for unbelievable real life visuals, he has compiled 3 of the best effects you can do with it, so you will never be without a killer effect when someone asks for your card.


    P.L.U.S. Principle: Kyle takes you on an in depth look at the concept that makes all of these effects possible.


    Purnell Push: one of the most visual moving hole effects ever conceived. A hole is flicked across a card into a target area drawn on the opposite side! The card is immediately handed out for examination.


    Final Form: an unprepared business card is signed and a corner is torn. With the signature in full view, the corner is reattached with no folds or seams and immediately handed out for examination. 


    IMPROMPTU MELT (with the blessing of Matt Johnson): A completely unprepared business card gets shoved through a borrowed bill. Upon removal, everything is completely examinable!


    Fool lay audiences and magicians alike, and join Kyle as he gets....back to business.


    *These routines are designed for use with business cards with blank backs, however all 3 routines can be done with blank or double blank playing cards. 2 of the routines can also be done impromptu with borrowed cards that fit the aforementioned criteria.*



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