Kenton Knepper - Mystic Name Readings

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    PDF + Audio

    What's in a name? An entire reading, as it turns out...
    This is NOT your usual name reading. There is NO numerology, NO mnemonics, NO letter to number or letter to letter association.
    Kenton has taken countless years of mystery teachings and thousands of pages of study and boiled it all down to a very simple, reliable and accurate system you can begin doing right away.
    A single sheet of paper will give you all you need to know, so memory is required.
    You will learn the system as you perform it.
    As you perform it, the reading the system provides a novel way of knowing deeper things that are going on with the person. This is not mere guesses or made up patter lines.
    You will actually learn how to know if someone is experiencing grief, loss, despair, fear, worry, devotion, attachment, mercy, courage, awe, wonder, boldness, toying with perceptions, playfulness and more.
    A secret in the system allows you to KNOW underlying aspects of emotion or motivations while you do the reading.
    Best of all, Kenton is able to teach this system now in just 13 pages, along with over 30 minutes of live audio readings, so you can follow the system, hear how it works on real people in real life, and begin doing the system right away.
    This special system may be done over the phone with no other knowledge of the person you are reading. You will get both general and specific hits with this system easily, without worrying about outs, as the system works naturally as you use it.
    Here are a few of the things you can do with Kenton's Mystic Name System:
    * Predict the qualities and personality traits of babies before they are born, and help parents to decide on baby names - a new and potentially lucrative readings field. It is sure to bring demand for your readings at the very least.
    * Talk to people in a casual way as you do readings, without having to claim psychic powers.
    * Gain real rapport and create empathy with your participant with pre-NLP methods.
    * Open your mind and ears to perceive others in ways you never noticed before. This is very pragmatic, down to earth training, while remaining nearly mystical in performance and experience.
    * Add a touch of deeper understanding and readings to any performance, simply by seeing or hearing someone say their name.
    * You will never hear or think of a name the same again.
    Kenton says that this simple training is very profound, and can affect not only readings and Mind Reading performances, but the way you perceive life and others in daily interactions.
    In this system you get the secret list of sound, the thirteen pages of direct and simple instruction, and over thirty minutes of audio file examples from real life readings using this system.
    There are FIVE audio files with this system that include:
    * Kenton speaking about the character traits of a possible baby name (to a highly successful conclusion)
    * A reading with a man who has a secret feeling he is hiding that Kenton correctly names
    * A very quick reading so you can hear how short or long you can make a successful reading - as you wish
    * A reading with a woman that is incredibly accurate and changes her own self-perceptions, while leaving her with an important tool
    * A reading over the internet where Kenton pulls out the truth about a person even when they are trying to diminish these qualities.
    This is NOT difficult, strenuous, or something you have to work hard at doing. It will take a little practice but you will get that practice in as you listen to the audio files and as you do your first readings. This is a natural system based on very hidden teachings, now made simple, practical and reliable by Kenton.
    Kenton says that Mind Reading Lesson students should consider this MR Lesson 12 B. It is one of two companion pieces that belong with Mind Reading Lesson 12. (The other is the Color Square Readings system also available with this item in a special package deal.)
    You do NOT need to own Mind Reading Lesson 12 to do use this system! Those who do have Lesson 12 will find the Lesson compliments this work and this system compliments that Lesson.
    SIX downloadable files, including the five MP3 audio file readings, priced very low so anyone can afford to learn this system now with ease.
    First Customer Feedback On This Item:
    'At first I thought this is too simple, or maybe too subtle for me. But then I listened to live audio readings. INSTANTLY it all made sense. I went to a neighbor's and asked if I could do a reading for them. Next I thing I knew, the whole family want one! I had just learned the system, and you are right on...I learned it as I was doing it. Now I think all the seminars I went to to train me in knowing people were junk. I have a whole new world of hearing people and getting them at a deeper level now, thanks to this system. What more can I say than WOW (in a deep, attached, tone)! Once again you hid the depths within seemingly surface things. I think maybe Kenton is a real wizard.' - TK

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