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    Ken Brooke - Magic Place


    Comments: This is not a regular magic book. Rather, it is a remembrance of Ken Brooke's Magic Place, consisting of a collection of many of the instruction sheets that came with products from Ken's shop in the U.K. Not only did Ken provide thorough instructions for the effects he sold, there was often follow up advice, tips, and gags to go with them. Most instructions provide patter & presentation tips, and often a bit of history as well. Some of the articles are as short as one or two pages, but several provide very extensive insight into the particular effect. Ken Brooke's Magic Place represents a mark of magic history from the brick & mortar days that are rapidly declining in this Internet and Video world. Realize that since most of the entries are copies of original instruction sheets (re-formatted and edited for clarity), many will not thoroughly describe the prop that is being explained. However, even if you don't own any of these effects, this book is a great piece of history and you are sure to pick up some pointers on how to perform effects that you do own.


    5 Foreword: Ken Brooke by John Fisher, 1994
    10 Introduction: Anthony Brahams and Mark DeSouza
    13 Acknowledgments
    15 The Policy of Ken Brooke's Magic Place: what made it more than just a magic warehouse
    17 Another Blooming Trick (Robert Bromley): a packet trick in which Aces turn over one at a time, and then the backs change color
    21 Auto Rise (Gus Southall): an approach to the rising card
    30 The Balloon Fish (Bob Ostin): a comedy prop for children's shows. A "balloon fish" is shown (a fake fish with a balloon attached), along with a diver. The Diver vanishes, and the Balloon Fish is shot, bursting the balloon, and the diver is rescued.
    35 The Great Benjamin (Dick Koornwinder): A fly finds the spectator's selection in this humorous routine using a heavily gimmicked deck
    46 The Brema Bill Tube: provides Ken Brooke's handling for this device to make it more "logical" by introducing the (duplicate) tube at the beginning of the effect
    48 The Card or the Cash: presents a great vaudeville-type patter that could be adapted to other effects. In this effect, a borrowed $1 and a card selection switch places in sealed envelopes with a comedy presentation. The envelopes are not described but referred to as "Flawless" envelopes.
    51 On the Button - Ken Brooke Gag: playing with a man's jacket
    52 The Chinese Bit (Joe Riding): an extensive section on this effect based on Conrad Haden's "Duo-Change", as described in Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic. Provides detailed handling of Joe's approach as well as an additional handling by Roy Johnson and even more tips from Ken Brooke.
    71 Dany Ray's Chinese Sticks: These are the bamboo sticks that have strings and tassels hanging from them. When you pull the tassel on one stick, the tassel on the other stick rises, even though you show the sticks are not connected. Includes patter, does not provide any drawings and does not reveal any workings.
    74 Clockaudacious (Dick Koornwinder): a self-working humorous card trick trick
    77 Coin Through Ring (Jim Hill): a short letter that clearly describes a nice effect. A coin that is larger in diameter than a ring is wrapped in a handkerchief. The handkerchief is passed through the ring - including the coin, and all can be examined.
    80 The Cups and Balls (Ken Brooke Tips): sadly not a complete routine, but here provided is a list of seven quick tips for using in your own routine.
    82 The Dancing & Floating Cork (Bruno Hennig; Fred Kaps): This is a lengthy section on the preparation and presentation of the floating cork. Includes a detailed portion on how to get I.T. from a lady's stocking, as well as a thorough explanation of properly presenting this effect to its full potential.
    106 The Dingle Coin Mystery (Derek Dingle): a gimmicked approach to the Coin Matrix effect. Fully explained with drawings.
    121 The Ken Brooke Treatise on "Dirty Deal" (Bruce Cervon): a packet effect briefly described
    123 The Nemo Electric Candle From Pocket: brief tips on its use
    125 Finn Jon's Esoteric: some tips on care of the IT used in this card effect; the full routine and workings are not provided
    127 Fido (Don Alan): a clever and humorous card trick using two rough & smooth decks by Don Alan, that can be combined with a Fred Lowe trick called "Christened Reverse" that did not stand so well on its own. (Christened Reverse is not explained)
    132 The Flash or Firing Wand: tips on its use
    134 Ken Brooke's Four Faces: based on an idea by Corvello. A card effect in which one of four selections is predicted. Most of the working is explained.
    142 Fred Kaps' Original Chinese Coin Routine: a extensive, detailed section on this good routine with a variety of Chinese coins
    158 Fred Kaps' Coin Off Ribbon: Brief handling is described, and the gimmicked coin is partially described, although without a picture the exact working is difficult to determine
    160 Fred the Flea: Three clear glasses sit on a tray, and a silk moves from glass to glass. The apparatus is described but no pictures are provided. Several routines are provided, one featuring Freddie the Flea
    171 Andy Dalziel's Routine With the Hong Kong Coin: great detail and explanations for effects with the Hong Kong coin, which is a sort of Chinese Coin with shell or possibly adaptable to a Jardine Ellis Ring.
    185 The Hydrostatic Bottle: how to handle the gimmick
    189 Ken's Comedy Buttonhole: short section on presenting this vanishing and reappearing flower in the lapel buttonhole
    191 Ken's Comedy Rope Trick: a moving knot effect using a reel
    195 Long Pour Salt Gimmick (Danny Dew): Danny's handling of the gimmick; the gimmick is not described
    196 A Bit of Fluff - A Ken Brooke Gag: a comedy bit with a clothes brush
    197 The Malini Egg Bag: An extensive section on the Ken Brooke and Friends work on this legendary version of the Egg Bag. Includes some history, handling of the loaded bag, and detailed explanations, as well as a routine to follow. Lots of diagrams.
    224 The Nemo Card Castle: benefits of the Nemo design and proper handling techniques with some ideas for use in performance, including a Ken Perks production.
    233 Jim Hooper's Nemo Diminishing Cards: this mechanical deck is described with drawings and detailed handling.
    238 Jim Hooper's Nemo Jumbo Rising Cards: Fully explained and detailed with lots of drawings. Includes original instructions in tiny print, and followed up by more tips, presentation, and handling.
    266 The Nemo Switch Case (Jim Hooper and Finn Jon): brief description and a couple of ideas. Not described in detail.
    269 The Nemo Switch Holder: briefly described
    271 The Ken Brooke System for The Nudist Deck: A blank deck prints itself, first the faces then the back, then returns to blank again. Ken explains all the details of the working and the presentation.
    284 Repeat Vanishing Cigarette: a letter from Ken Brooke to Andy Dalziel, briefly describing this vanishing cigarette effect by use of a pull.
    286 Tuce (Ken Brooke): Brief description of this comedy Jumbo and Tiny card production originally titled "Potty Prediction"
    287 Two In the Hand, One In the Pocket: a tip to "improving" one of the transfers
    288 The Wide Boy: a story card trick with a stacked deck.
    292 Wine and Water (Chris Van Vern): full description of this chemical trick
    298 The Working Performer's Card in Wallet: Fred Kaps presentation of the Ed Balducci card loading concept. Description is brief but to the point.
    300 Thanks and Congratulations: listing of the many contributors and friends
    301 Dealer of the Year: A letter of nomination of Ken Brooke for Dealer of the year for the Academy of Magical Arts


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